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'Free app of the day' gets bulked up to celebrate one-year anniversary of European Amazon Appstore

Amazon's Appstore may be best known for its "Free app of the day" promotion, but today's sale jumps from one to 10 apps that won't cost you a penny. To celebrate one year of availability of the Appstore in Europe, Amazon is making 10 different popular apps free for the entire day, valued at over $35 normally:

  • Angry Birds (Ad-Free) - regularly $0.99
  • Drawing Pad - regularly $1.99
  • PAC-MAN HD (Kindle Tablet Ed.) - regularly $2.99
  • World of Goo - regularly $2.99
  • SwiftKey - regularly $3.99
  • CalenGoo - regularly $5.99
  • Sprinkle - regularly $1.99
  • Paper Camera - regularly $1.99
  • Jamie's 20 Minute Meals - regularly $7.69
  • Shazam Encore - regularly $4.99

Even though the sale is being kicked off because of a European milestone, the sale is available in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Japan. Head to the Amazon Appstore on your device or the source link below to grab your free apps.

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Amazon Appstore offering 10 apps for free today


I still check it everyday. Once and awhile they have something that isn't a lame game and worthwhile.

I am pretty sure I have most of the ones I want off this list but will get calengoo and drawing pad a download.

This is similar to what Google often does. Can you remind us how the developers get compensated for these prices? I would hate to think they're not getting paid for their hard work.

I would guess they are compensated in some way, they would have to give permission for their work to be sold like that UNLESS it is some weird TOS thing for the privilege of being listed in the store in the first place. I would guess 50% of their usual take...

They get nothing, except new users who expect support but paid nothing. Of course they get exposure too.

Trying to get some apps, the store is just hanging when I try to purchase. Must be getting hammered with requests.

That's until you experience Amazon's app update process...which is basically non-existent...

I dont think the writers are compped in any way. I believe it's part of the agreement you sign (if I remember correctly) that says they can use your app as a free app of the day. I've seen lots of developers complaining about it in any case.

Just got SwiftKey along with a few other apps. Great score! Thanks for telling us guys about this!

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and I rather give the devs the money than have to deal with Amazon's awful update system.
I actually own 9 out the 10 titles.

Nice of them to give out some apps that are over 2 years old with no updates. Only ones in the list worth anything in my mind are PAC-MAN and SwiftKey, but I already have both from a Google Play sale. Amazon App store is such a joke.

I cant find the Pac-Man hd tablet version on my Note 2 .. I know thats a phablet and not a tablet.. But what can i change to make it work?

if your rooted. you could change the device id in the build.prop file however that might break other things and I wouldn't recommend it.

Won't work on my HTC One....I down loaded the app store ...and.tried to install it and it didn't work

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Already have most of those from prior FAOTDs. They just recycle the good ones. Most are junk kid based games.

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Already have most of those from prior FAOTDs. They just recycle the good ones. Most are junk kid based games.

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Yeah maybe once a month you get a good one.

If you are having a problem do it on the website. It is painless

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If i DL these on my LG OG, would they be available on my Nexus 7 also? Are they saved in my Amazon account?

Just downloaded all of these! The games are great for my kids.. Now I get to try SwiftKey to see what it's all about. Couple of them lagged a little downloading but all installed fine! Thanks for the heads up!

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I've been using Swiftkey for a while and absolutely love it. I haven't tested any other keyboards lately so I can't say how it compares but its fantastic on my GNex.

Score! Got swiftkey for a second device. Had already paid for it on my device last year when it was half off and it's cool. The rest don't interest me....

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4

WORLD OF GOO is fantastic! Not your usual "craptastic freebie game."

Splattered for your amusement... via the AC App

For a non rooted samsung s3, how do I download the app store directly from my phone?
I've tried it before to no avail. Please help.

thanks the duck

How come there is no menu icon on my HTC evo 4g lte, I can't update any apps

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