Amazon is having a major day today. They've just announced their first phone - the Fire Phone. There are numerous features being announced alongside the phone. One of them is Firefly that allows you to user your Fire Phone to recognize everything around you. There's a dedicated button of the Fire Phone for Firefly, that's how serious Amazon treats this new feature. Full details after the break.

Firefly is Amazon's answer to Google Goggles, but on steroids. You can scan a barcode, a DVD cover, a CD, a game or a box of something and have Firefly recognize the item. Firefly will also recognize phone numbers, URLs, QR codes and more on signs and windows. Over 100 million items can be recognized today by Firefly, with more items to be added in the future.

Once an item has been scanned, Firefly will allow the user to buy the item from Amazon or start playing the music or video content with Amazon Prime.


Amazon went a step further with Firefly and has made an SDK that will be available later today. Some early partners in the Firefly SDK include iHeartRadio, MyFitnessPal and Vivino. For example, with Vivino users can scan their wine bottles and get recommendations for food and snacks that pair well with that vine.

Firefly is powered by and leverages Amazon Web Services. When you scan an item with Firefly, it'll grab the relevant info from the photo for uploads. Instead of uploading 2.1MB of data, it'll instead just 13KB of info from the scan to grab the information you want.

Firefly looks like a cool feature and we can't wait to check it out in person. You can download the SDK to get started right here. Sound off below in the comments with what you think about Firefly.


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Amazon announces Firefly, visual search on steroids


Windows phone has been doing visual search for years its called bing vision and yes it would show you the prices of local and online sellers not just amazon

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So has Google Goggles, please read the article before crapping in the comments section.

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No it show you a list of where to buy locally and prices as well as amazon and others

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I'm very curious to get my hands on the Firefly SDK. Will it be for devices only? Can I integrate with a web project?

Barcode and QR scanning was originally in Google Now, but for some reason they took it out.

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Isn't that what all companies do? There is options you know.

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No. Don't say that. A business should never promote to sell their products.

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So, it's one now the first ever Android apps - Shop Savy - on vitamins. Cool

Posted via Android Central App on my Note 3.

Sounds a lot like Bing Vision on Windows Phone, built-in since Mango/WP7.5. If it works anything like Bing Vision, awesome! The third-party integration is also a nice touch, I'd like to see Microsoft do something similar in regards to opening up Bing Vision to third parties. :)