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Motorola caused quite a stir with the Moto G last year, with the handset going on to become the manufacturer's most successful smartphone to date. If the image above is legitimate, it looks like Motorola is planning to launch a successor to the device soon.

The folks over at Mellando no Android claim to have the dirt on the successor to the Moto G, which will allegedly be called the Moto G2 and bear a model number XT 1068 (the first-gen Moto G featured a model number XT 1032). The image of the device, which looks to be a prototype unit, suggests that Motorola is taking design cues from the Moto E, which sees a frontal speaker grille being incorporated onto the Moto G2.

The website also divulged partial specs of the handset, which include a Snapdragon 400 CPU, 720p display, 8 MP camera and dual-SIM functionality. The 8 MP camera is a noticeable upgrade from the 5 MP unit that was present on the first-generation Moto G.

The design of the Moto G2 does look interesting in that Motorola is looking for a greater confluence in design across its products, but until the time we see an official confirmation, we suggest you take the news with a grain of salt.

What features would you be interested in seeing on the successor to the Moto G?

Source: Mellando no Android


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Alleged successor to the Moto G pictured


If and when the X+1 comes out, they will really need full over-the-top moto-maker capability right from the start with tons of back plate options.

I kinda wish they would release the specs too so that people could 3D print their own custom back plates.

Looks good! Not that much bezel but front facing speakers. My only wish is that the speakers were black, not chromed plastic.

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Agreed, it just makes sense.
Even if it's only a mono speaker, speakers facing the user just makes more sense.
And I like the way moto is doing it. the speaker grill matching the earpiece grill.
that way it looks symmetrical.

It is the absolute only bad thing about my Note 3, the speaker sucks. It is on the bottom, and can be easily covered up. Not to mention it sounds like crap.

and that it's ugly as cuss with the fake notepad page design motif on the chrome bezel and the vinyl fake stitched leather back cover. i would definitely count those as bad things about the not 3.

That's all opinion, different looks appeal to different people.
I think it looks fine, but I put cases on all my phones so the notes back or the htc one's metal finish means little to me. As long as it doesn't creak like a galaxy S3 of course and is a solid build.

I think this focus on aesthetics and perceived build quality (other than basics) is the new spec wars. unnecessary and taken too seriously.

Agreed. I have a certain amount of disdain for the metal on the One but in the long run none of that matters. I give more of a crap about how the phone makes my life/work/play easier and more efficient. These phones are tools and people need to choose the tool that is right for them.

As long as it has a better camera then the original Moto G I will definitely buy it. Oh and it's gotta have 4G :-)
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Agreed. Lots of people seem to want more memory or storage, and while that would be good, I think it kind of misses the point of a budget device. It'd be great if this phone were a Moto X, but the point of the G is to be as cheap as possible while providing a pretty good daily experience for the average, non-power user. Improving the camera would fit into that philosophy. As long as it runs well, increasing memory and storage isn't necessary until the OS requires it.

I think it'd be nice if they added a 32gb model and removed the 8gb model while lowering the prices to keep the 16gb model at $179 and the 32gb model at $199. That's extremely doubtful though.

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Doubtful, but I don't see why we still have such low storage. At least 32 and 64 should be the standard offerings by now. Everything else has evolved massively but we are stuck with measly storage


Yes, everything the has evolved massively. I love how my battery can now go weeks on a single charge...smdh

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Agreed, 32gb seems like a mid range to high end device.
I understand everyone wants stuff to be better, but we are talking about a entry level $200 device.

I'd like to have a bigger storage on my Moto g, but it is what it is, so I'm in the market again for a new phone n I just bought this one in May! smh

I agree!!!! I've run outta room on my Moto G, had to uninstall games I loved n delete photos, but kept my music, which is why my storage is low now! Just over 1gb to use n my games are big files!!!! So sad!

I'm sure it'll be upgraded to Android L. An AMOLED screen would be a fantastic addition. I'm not all that well-informed about what kind of cost increase over LED that would entail, though.

I just got my wife a Moto X, to replace her Nexus 4 as HSPA+ is starting to get really slow in our area.
I wouldn't trade my nexus 5 for it, but it's a great phone, she loves it and I liked playing with the features when I was testing it out initially.
I was a little worried about it only being dual core, but you can't tell it's only dual core.
It's noticeably faster than her old nexus 4 for almost all tasks.
I'm sure the successor will be an amazing device.

You can, but there are potential issues, like the mic not working and battery drain.
If it were me I'd play with it.
But not stable enough for the wife, I'd rather have something that officially supports LTE connections in either case actually, the Nexus 4 has passed it's prime.
The Moto X was a nice upgrade.

So it's not called the Moto G+1?? O_o

Anyways.. I'd like to see better internal storage than the current LTE model G (no measly 8GB) & SD card support.. 16GB would be fine.

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I know it's wishful thinking, but it would be great if this phone was always listening like the the X. I'm guessing the successor to this phone will have the Moto X features I want.

Must be a Verizon model. They like that location for their stupid logo. I'm one who isn't on board with the front facing speakers. I rarely listen to music on my phones or anything for that matter without headphones. All it does is make the phones too tall.

Lol but honestly I think the lightest carrier branding on any phone would be the Verizon s5 it only has one logo on the back and if you want it gone that bad you can buy a new back
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Have you seen Sprint phones? They often have no branding at all. The only thing I like about Sprint phones.

Also, the VZW S5 may only have one logo, but it's huge. But like you said, just buy another back cover.

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I honestly don't get why all the disapproval for logos on a phone. Everything else has logos all over the place, shoes, cars, hats, shirts, etc. But yet I only hear how vzw over kills their logos. I've seen shirts that literally have a logo that covers the entire front of the shirt, yet never hear any bashing on that. Me, I just don't get it. if I owned a business I'd put my logo as visible as possible.

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A Brazilian blog had access to some information about these new devices. There are 3 models (XT1063, XT1068 e XT1069), one with single SIM-Card (probably the XT1068) and the other two with dual SIM-Card and one of the with Digital TV(Brazilian standard), and their source claims that it may not be the successor of the Moto G and may be called Moto M.
There is also the certificate from the Brazilian FCC so that the devices are in conformity with the Brazilian regulations.
Link to the post:

Can I just get the next Moto X please?? I love the Moto G and E, but the X has my full interest right now! Let's get some release dates on that and the 360 and I'll be set for the summer! Then fall will set in and my attention will turn to the Note 4 and Nexus 6!

Typed on tiny keys just for you

I think they should make the camera mp bigger, front n rear! Like 16mp rear n 8 mp front! Also, the size of the internal ram n "hdd" needs to be bigger! I've already run into issues on my Moto G for room! I had to uninstall programs so I could keep my music! I deleted photos n uninstalled games I loved because I didn't have enough room for all of it on my phone! N there's NO sd slot to improve the space on my phone so I could've kept my games! :(
Oh also, there should be the option to restart the phone, not just power off! I miss that feature from my Samsung Galaxy Legend!

I just sold my moto g, now I guess I'll look forward to this one. You really can't go wrong with a cheap phone that basically competes with the previous years flagship and has the latest software to boot.

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