US-branded Samsung Galaxy S II

As if the anticipation hadn't already reached fever-pitch for these oft-teased phones, it looks like we've finally gotten conclusive looks at each of the U.S. Samsung Galaxy S II variants.

Aside from the clickable button that's on the international version, it looks like the only physical differences between the US Galaxy S II's is the degree of roundness on the corners, with T-Mobile being crowned the roundest.

Also, I'm not sure if this is pure Photoshop fail or an indication of things to come, but the Sprint version carries Samsung branding on top whereas the other two have carrier branding on top and Samsung branding above the four capacitive buttons. Only time will tell, we suppose. The good news is that we should find out Monday, weather permitting Tuesday. You win this one, Irene.

Oh, and look! There's still no Verizon phone in the picture.  LTE SGS II in the works?

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All three Galaxy S II's together is something to smile about


I don't know, but the Photon 4G has no carrier (sprint) branding on the front. Just a small Sprint (screen print)on the back cover. Maybe Sprint's flagship phones from now on won't have Sprint labled on the front.

I hope this is true. The Photon and Nexus S don't have Sprint on the front and neither did the Pre. I love the look of the Super AMOLED Plus screen with the black border. Any writing takes away from it.

Verizon is getting the Nexus Prime, so stop being jealous. I'd trade T-Mobile's SGSII for the Nexus Prime :-)

The Nexus Prime is a rumored/unconfirmed device. Until it's officially confirmed to be on Verizon no one should get their hopes up.

No such thing as getting our hopes up at Verizon. If they don't get a Nexus this time around. I may have to start looking at other carriers for 2013, that's when my contracts will be up. Ehh, who am I kidding. Give me root and a beer and I'm fine. Seriously, give us a Nexus already Verizon.

oh give me a break...u think google's gonna let their flagship model be loaded up with bloatware that verizon requires? serious man..

You realize that just because the Nexus Prime is on Verizon, it doesn't mean it won't come out on other carriers as well. Sure, it took a while, but now Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile have the Nexus S so I don't see any reason why the rest of the carriers won't get the Nexus Prime as well.

My AT&T contract is just about up and I was going to switch to Verizon and get me some 4G action but now this changes everything... again.

These phones are the same. If they didn't have carrier branding on them and they were in front of you at a distance, you would be hard pressed to differentiate them just looking at the front.

I don't see the need to make minute cosmetic differences, unless the differences are to accommodate different hardware e.g the Wimax radio in the Sprint version.

They make them different so each carrier can say they have an EXCLUSIVE phone. Come to AT&T, the exclusive carrier of the Samsung Captivate. Ooooooooooh. That's all. Its a big marketing gimmick to hopefully steal sales from other carriers. Plus Samsung can sell it for a slightly higher price to the carriers as part of an exclusive contract. Just a technicality, but marketing guys love technicalities.

No, they are definitely different. The T-Mobile version is shaped like the Sensation. The Sprint version is shaped like the Conquer. And the AT&T version has the original GS2 body, minus the home button.

You don't see why Samsung would make 3 different bodies for their respective carriers? Look no further than the original Galaxy S series. All 4 variants were different.

Yes it does. If you look closely you can definitely see a dark bar exactly where the power button should be. It's just hard to tell because the image is a bit blurry.

Verizon is getting the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE version that has better specs (1.4 dual core processor and 4.5" screen).

If it does eventually come to Verizon, hopefully it won't be plagued with bing like the Fascinate and Continuum were.

All i can say is I TOLD YOU SO, to those who criticized me and told me that the us sgs2 would be nothing like the international one that's the slimmest smart phone every producedand a sweet sexy design all around.
Nowi'm thinking of taking this nexus s back lol.
I couldn't pass for 29.99

The Sprint phone looks the best... they did it again. Sprint has been releasing some awesome phones lately.

Have they removed the square home key on the US version of the sgs2, just there is 2 extra touch keys at the bottom of the device which makes it totally different to the one I got in the UK ?

My potential dilemna is that I just got a Photon 4G on August 12. If the rumored September 9 release date pans out, I'll have 3 days to decide if I jump. Problem is, with the recent MR5 release, my Photon is darned near perfect. I almost hope this doesn't get released till after the 9th.

it is hard to decided for you because i love moto build quality, but if this phone comes with exynos rather than tegra you can decided which one u want to keep. I go moto all the way though :)

My contract will be up in a few months and I will changing over from WebOs to Driod, was hoping to go with this phone. Now that Verizon won't have it, I am planning on goin with Dinc2 unless something else catches my eye .. have to wait n see ...

LG, Samsung and Motorola seem to follow the same sequence for devices with the four buttons, with the exception of the Droid/Milestone and it's successors, they are all different than Moto's other phones. HTC uses a consistent layout for all their phones with the Nexus One being the only exception and that has a different layout than the Nexus S which is also different than Samsung's. I think you are right. This could get confusing but I really like the physical home button on my Galaxy S. :/

I'm surprised a lot of people waited for this when there were so many phones released before it with similar specs. My anticipation for this dissipated as the months went on and now this just feels like more of the same to me. I'm happy with my Atrix.

As far as you Verizon people freaking out, they have plenty of phones that are just as good as this and have LTE, why would they even bother. You have the strongest android lineup out of any carrier and you are bellyaching, my GOD!! They are not going to take on a phone that is more of the same, i'm sure they have better phones coming down the pipeline that will be a step up from this and aren't that far away.

on my opinion the best devices right now are atrix, photon and the upcoming bionic. Those devices have the webdock lapdock hdmi mirror dual core tegra for atrix and photon, which is not bad at all. The bionic will be the devices that will sell the most in Verizon, and probably this one will sell the most in america because its coming to 3 carriers lets see :)

This comment shows how little you know about android phones. Specs don't always tell the whole picture. This thing currently blows everything out of the water, even phones with better specs. And for the Moto fan boys, the Atrix is the worst dual core phone out, it is the slowest, and the tegra 2 is the worst dual core chip. Most moto dual core phones only have 512megs of ram, and the ones that have 1 gig has half of its ram reserved for webtop. So, no it will not be faster than this phone.

Your comment shows how little YOU know about Android phones. As you said, specs don't always tell the whole picture. The Atrix, with 1gb of Ram DOES reserve some of that for the webtop. However, how much Ram it has left is absolutely MEANINGLESS as long as everything gets loaded and the remainder is not zero. Quadrant scores et al. mean nothing, or at least very little when real world performance is in question. The Tegra2 owns all other currently utilized gpu's when it comes to graphics processing (ie. Gaming). Read the comments on the Android market under the most popular graphic/processing intensive Games. All you hear about is SGS II, EVO 3D, Sensation etc. force closing/lagging/crashing. All you hear is how AWESOME these games run on the Atrix, or ANY OTHER TEGRA2 device. That is NO coincidence. So next time you go opening your mouth about someone not knowing Android devices, maybe you should take a look at yourself first.

|Motorola Atrix "3.5G", 2.3.4 STOCK Rooted / Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 on 3.1 w/ LTE|

Look at those 3 sexy bitches...some with more curves than others but hey, can't have it all. Just saying, I would get all 3 if I could.

Extremely Satisfied Droid Charge Owner for Months now... Rooted.. Rom'ed.. Kerneled.. Gingered 2.3.4... Boy you all don't know what you are missing.. Anyway.. Doesn't " Nexus Prime " sound like the Lead Planet in our Federation of Planets... I Swear, That's the Best Damn Name I have ever heard of for a Phone !

Lol!! Totally agree about the name...sounds like someone has watched PLENTY of Star Trek! +1 to you! Oh and, Nexus Prime WOULD make a great name for the flagship/homebase planet for the Federation of Planets. :-)

| Motorola Atrix "3.5G", 2.3.4 STOCK Rooted/ Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 on 3.1 w/ LTE |