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Refreshed version to feature new processor, Goodreads integration, better touch sensitivity at the same $119 price point

Amazon has updated the Kindle Paperwhite and will start shipping out the new version at the end of the month. The all-new Paperwhite has a list of new features, thanks to new hardware and software, but keeps the same $119 entry-point. 

With a new processor, page turning (easily the worst experience from an e-ink screen) is now 25 percent faster and the inclusion of Kindle Page Flip software will let you skim through each page or chapter without losing your place if you need to jump to the end and see if the butler did it. Additional hardware improvements come with a next-generation backlight and enhanced touch technology with 19 percent tighter touch grid points.

On the software side, Goodreads integration is coming soon, which means you can join over 20 million other reading fans and share the social experience if you're into that. And we can't forget Kindle FreeTime, which is a great way to get young minds involved with achievements to help keep them on track. It's also coming "soon".

While a Paperwhite may not play all the great games or be the master of the web that other tablets are, for reading they really are the best device made — just like Amazon claims. Pre-orders are open now, and the device ships September 30. See the source link for more.

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The all-new Kindle Paperwhite ships September 30


Agreed lol, this has nothing to do with android. Article didn't even attempt to link it!

I'm fine with you guys posting non android stuff btw, just let us know if you will be so I can fix my feed groups.

I was hoping they would offer a larger version of the Paperwhite. I liked the old Kindle versions better as I find holding the Paperwhite uncomfortable due to the small bezel size.

Random....but anyone else interested in the Marketing aspect of just throwing this on the site? And not saving it for a big show and tell with new Fires, Phones, Tablets, OSs, ......

Anyways..I'm a fan of Amazon and was waiting to see what was coming out this month as the 1st generation fire we use for reading is on the outs.

But I was almost looking forward to the show and tell :)

I would think the Goodreads integration could be added to any of them. I have the current Paperwhite and that is the only feature I would look forward to. Everything else about the one I have is great.

Nothing against Kindles, but you'd think Amazon would have come up with a better name than Paperweight--I mean, Paperwhite.