Age of Zombies

OK, now I want a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. Wasn't quite sold before. But this teaser of Age of Zombies -- which along with zombies has the odd dinosaur or two -- has got me on board. I'm ready for some zombie-killing-Xperia-Play-playing.

The good news is that while we don't yet have the Xperia Play here in the U.S. (it's coming to Verizon soon), Age of Zombies will be made available for other devices.

Enough reading. You've gotta check out the video of it in action after the break.

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Age of Zombies coming to Xperia Play, other Android devices


I have the game for PS3/PSP (It's a 'mini' which is essentially phone quality games) and is pretty good. Glad to see it coming to other android devices, it's a very good and enjoyable game.

Did any of you ever play the game "Power Pete" Thats what this kinda reminds me of. Wish the Xperia Play was coming to some other US carriers besides Verizon.

I've played this on a friends iPad, it's great. Can't wait to try it on my nook.

"Age of Zombies will be made available for other devices."

Any idea on a timeframe? I hope it's not one of those 1 month exclusives like gameloft is doing.

I was commenting on it on my phones. I don't have some infinite data plan, so I didn't watch the video, no. I figured it would be a demo anyway, since you know, that's what the article said it was, and I've already played the game.

Way to be a tough guy on the internet, keeping the rest of us in line, right?

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