Eclipse DDMS

The Android developers crew has released a new build of the Android Developer Tools plugin for Eclipse, and ADT 21 preview 5 is now available for download. As the ADT is getting older and more robust, we're seeing less glamorous changes and more maintenance "stuff", but that doesn't mean this build isn't feature rich.

Improvements include pre-dexing of libraries and jar files to speed up build time, new lint checks, big changes in the way the layout editor displays, and the Eclipse IDE will now remember the previous mode and open ready for editing. Of course, it also includes the requisite "large number of bug fixes" that we would expect from any preview builds.

Of course a good many of you re scratching your head wondering what all this means, and that's OK. What you're seeing is a new version of the tools developers use to build and debug the awesome Android apps you find in Google Play. It's software geek stuff, but better tools means better apps. We all can get behind better apps.

If you're interested in taking the new ADT plugin for a spin, you'll need to be running Eclipse 3.6.2 or higher and the tools 21 preview. You can find the tools component update in the SDK manager by selecting the "Preview Tools" option, and you can grab the new ADT from the link below. Get coding!

Source: Google; via +Tor Norbye

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anthonycr says:

Thanks for the heads up. I tend to forget to check for ADT updates and then I end up coding using old software... unfortunately I told myself I wasn't going to code any more today... this is tempting.

wanderguzman says:

A few noche features in this release it keeps getting better and better each release

AdamOutler says:

What? Predexing to speed up build? Wouldn't that speed up install and slow down build?

gna says:

They released the official version.

Btw, the visual layout editor with multiple previews is awesome. (went back from iDEA to ADT just for that)