Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Right on time with the first shipments of the newest Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Adobe has announced that it has made its Photoshop Touch app available in the Amazon App Store for Kindle devices. The app is optimized for both 7 and 8.9-inch screens and will work on the entire Kindle Fire line, save for the original Fire (which likely isn't powerful enough).

This app is every bit the same in usage as the one available in the Play Store today, and is now available for download in the Amazon App Store for $9.99 at the source link below.

Source: Adobe; Amazon App Store


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Adobe Photoshop Touch now available on Amazon Kindle Fires


I second that emotion. That's REALLY REALLY....


Funny thing is, its probably NVIDIA's fault. I hear they're not an easy bunch to work with.

I don't know. That's just what I've heard.

You guys totally miss how ridiculous it is -- you can actually buy this app for your Nexus 7 if you order it thru the Amazon App Store. It's shown as "COMPATIBLE". Hell, it even shows my Galaxy Nexus as compatible with PhotoShop Touch. But you still cannot buy it from the Google Play Store. This is why it is RIDICULOUS!!!

1. Adobe has a long history of promising and then dragging their feet on delivery. It's what they do.

2. This app stinks. Sticking it under the Photoshop brand is ridiculous, as it doesn't come anywhere close to what could be expected for a photoshop-like product. And for $10? Huge waste of money.

Just out of curiosity, and this is a genuine plea for enlightenment and NOT an attack on your comments, what better apps are available for Nexus 7 owners?