Today brought a slew of FroYo toppings, and Adobe AIR is just one of them.  While this might not be as exciting to some of us upon first glancing, it probably should be.  Adobe AIR is an easy way for developers to take their Flash programs and package them up nice and neatly to run as standalone apps on Android 2.2.  This could enable a developer to remove the need for an internet connection and the need for the browser to use their application.  They've announced that the pre-release version will include a 30 day trial of the direct to publishing method; it seems like Adobe wants to get a bunch of apps translated quickly so they can strut their stuff.  At Google IO they showed off a few select applications from developers who were in the closed AIR program.  Stay tuned, because the Android Market is going to explode! [via Adobe AIR blogs]


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Adobe AIR SDK publically available now


If Adobe can make AIR fast and efficient they will do very well.

If they give it their usual bloat-ware effort its going nowhere.

The problem as I see it is that Adobe doesn't have a very good track record in this regard, and they are not particularly consumer (viewer) friendly, withholding all meaningful controls from the consumer.

The more you dig into Air the more it looks like a repackaging of the Some Old Shit.

And Keith your link is broken.