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After a few months in beta, the Adaptxt keyboard is now available to the public with a few new features. Adaptxt is both app- and location-aware, offering tailored predictions based on where you are and what you’re doing. The latest addition to that end is the ability for users to manually enter preferred locations, so your keyboard can quickly predict street names and landmarks as you type. App-awareness means you’ll get predictions with a formal skew when typign e-mails on your work account, and more slang when messaging through SMS, for example. Be sure to read Andrew’s review of the keyboard from February to get a sense of the broad strokes.

Adaptxt also has a burgeoning plug-in ecosystem, complete with useful industry-specific language packs, as well as more superficial add-ons, like new backgrounds and font differences. Currently, there are a bunch tailor-built for state colleges. Custom word substitutions are useful for quickly punching out longer common phrases with minimal keystrokes; typing “brb” can be automatically lengthened to “Be Right Back”.

Adaptxt is free for a 30-day trial period, and is unlocked permanently for a one-time $2.99 fee. Personally, I still use SwiftKey most of the time, but I’m thinking of switching it up and giving Adaptxt a shot for awhile. What about you guys?


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Adaptxt Keyboard 3.0 tailors itself to your apps and location


I don't need my keyboard to know my location.
They already know my passwords and logins.

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Actually this is the one neat feature I wish SwiftKey had. I live in Albuquerque, NM, so many of our street names are not English words, and Adaptxt did handle this well, while SwiftKey can still be a pain to enter street names.

The biggest issue I have seen with Adaptxt is its resource usage. 195mb for a keyboard? The whole base OS doesn't even use that much.

I just downloaded it (trial version) no problem. I used the website, not the Play Store on my phone, though. Might be some bit of data still working its way through the pipes.

I've been a devout SwiftKey user for years, but I figure I'll give this on a whirl for a few days.

its always been a decent keyboard that was under the radar, BUT the spacebar is too short......share and back space keys circa 2014 are soooooooooooooo redundant adaptxt!!!

Whats quite sad is that adaptxt has almost everything you could ask for....excellent predictions, customizable in ways you didnt even know you wanted and yet hard to use because of the short spacebar......for those that dont have spacebar issues, the cost is totally worthwhile

Your original comment says "back space". Not only is it actually one word: "Backspace", I think you referenced the wrong key. You probably meant the "Back" key (weird curved arrow thingy next to the Space bar).

Now it makes sense! And what's more I agree, they should get rid of that "back" key and extend the space bar.

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I know right, I didn't like the fact that the space bar was quite short and I kept hitting periods instead of the space. but a little fiddling around in the settings, let me disable the "back" key and make the space key longer. Look for undo key in advanced settings. its not quite easy to find and these guys should make it easier to find.

It's a nice idea, but I'm not sure I'd want a keyboard that types in a Stokey accent!

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Yep. I always end up switching back.

And I thought that SwiftKey's RAM usage could be a bit high at times, but wow. Adaptxt uses a whopping 195mb of RAM! That is more than my launcher and the Android System combined!

I just downloaded Adaptxt and it is fun to work with the app..location suggestions are awesome..
I compared the ram usage of Swiftkey(which I have been using for last three months) and is the difference
Adaptxt - 22.8MB of RAM
Swiftkey - 58.3MB of RAM

Guys wake up..I am going to continue using Adaptxt and let me dump Swiftkey for now

This is the same as Samsung story..spend $11B on marketing and make a low quality product look good..change the consumer perception and make them accept shit..HTC has much better phones..sturdy, reliable, great on features but they could not spend as much Samsung on marketing..same is the case here..spend millions of dollars changing the customer perception

So close... Everything was looking good until I've realized this stupid thing couldn't use three languages at the same time like SwiftKey can. I mean do they seriously expect me to switch languages every time? I so wanted this to be good, I hate the fact that SwiftKey still looks like something from five years ago. It blows my mind that they still haven't added any new themes that wouldn't make me want to vomit all over my phone.

Rant over.

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Yeah it got my hopes up too with all those specialty dictionaries like Business, Legal & IT/Telecom. But finding out I had to switch between them was a deal breaker. SwiftKey is nice especially for people who tend to mix languages in the same sentence.

Actually it's quite the opposite for me, I find Google keyboard to be way better than Swiftkey precisely because you can switch languages :) It often happens that a word is present in both languages and Swiftkey won't figure out which language that is so I have to go to settings and all that... plus I generally I prefer to set the language from the beginning of the message, no keyboard is so smart to know what language I want to use. I guess it's a matter of personal preferences. I was curious about this Adaptxt location thingy so gave it a try, I don't think it handles languages all that bad, it looks like it doesn't disable the second and third dictionary so I still get suggestions from these dictionaries if I type a word from any of those languages. The multilingual functionality is OK, but 'll have to try it a bit more before it convinces me to give up my Google keyboard :)

Yeah as it turns out the biggest downside wasn't the dictionaries. It is the RAM usage. For some reason it is really RAM hungry on my M7 GPE. 195-200mb hungry. That is way too much RAM for a keyboard.

Weird, I've got around 80 MB with the full version and 3 dictionaries on an HTC One. Google is at 50 and Swiftkey around 70. Then again, I don't see a lag with any of the keyboards so not sure how much it matters on a relatively recent phone.

Weird, I get around 85MB with the full version, 70MB with Swiftkey full version and around 50MB with Google, all with three languages. It's still a bit high and sounds like a lot in your case! Then again I am not sure how much this matters on a relatively recent phone (mine is an HTC One).

you should probably just use the keyboard a bit more before making comments. I am using 3 languages together :|
Swiftkey's theme's are not that bad, but again I guess you are one of those haters..

Making my moto x lag a little bit, but I'm sure that'll fix itself with a reset.

The only thing I'll miss is dragon dictation. Google just isn't as accurate.

I think I will keep using Minuum keyboard for a bit longer

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I sick to the good old Google keyboard. Has great swipe, personal dictionary, and it learns how I type across all my devices. Best of all, it comes on all my devices because I don't use anything that has skinned Android, so there is no need to have yet another app installed.

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I am really surprised as to how good this keyboard is. The keyboard works really well with "glide" (same as swipe), and has lots of customization. The word prediction is great and you can add your own shortcuts for words and phrases. I disabled "location services", as I don't need this option. I have been looking for a replacement for Swiftkey (since it causes an error on reboot on the LG G2) and this one might be it!
There's a 30 day free trial, so this keyboard is really worth giving it a try!

I recently switched from go keyboard to touch pal X! It allows u 2 Resize the keyboard , switch from t9 compact qwerty and full keyboard, switch to right or left side, move up or down! Great for bigger screens!

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