Action Launcher

Action Launcher is getting an update today, making customizing the third-party launcher even easier. You can now drag apps directly from the quickdrawer onto the homescreen, speeding things things up even more. You're also able to lock the desktop, so things won't slide around so much.

I've been using the update for a couple days now. Put simply, it makes a great launcher even greater. Give it a shot, and check out the demo video after the break.


Reader comments

Action Launcher update makes customizing even easier


I really, really want to use this launcher, but I need to be able to get rid of the notification bar and the launcher controls need to disappear when I'm not touching the screen. And there are a couple essential widgets I use that it doesn't support, yet. I'll try again after I get the update. Other than that, this is my perfect minimalist launcher.

Agree with above. Don't like the notification bar and launcher controls. And there does not appear to be a way to change the look of the stock icons.

And I cannot find a way to put badge notifications on apps like email, messages, phone, vmail, etc.

Err, um, when is v 1.6, the version featured in the video going to become available? As of right now, 1.5.7 is the available version on Google Play and is listed as being last updated today, 5/3/2013.

What's the scoop?

Been thinking about getting this launcher for some time finally pulled the trigger. So far I am enjoying it.

Love the transparency on the app drawer now, and the fact that you can drag apps (and widgets!) from there, too. This launcher just keeps getting better.

I own Nova Launcher Prime, and love it, too, but Action Launcher is the first one that made widgets useful and usable for me. (I used two widgets before; now I use just about all of the widgets from my apps.)

The transparency option always been there. You can choose from "tinted" to "transparency" background in settings.

I have been using Action launcher since it was a buggy mess. It keeps getting better and better. I love it.

Unfortunately, the developer has made some silly changes to the look of the launcher. Having the widgets on the slider is annoying (how often do you need to quickly access widgets?), the background option is gone (there was a quick update to add a tinted option, but the previous option is still gone) and it doesn't slide where the action bar is, even when it is hidden (which looks extremely odd).

The look of the app was perfect. The old version with the ability to drag apps for shortcuts and to uninstall would have been amazing. The extra changes ruin this launcher (so much that I had to find an illegal copy of version 1.5.7).

The worst app update since Spotify's big UI change (which removed a load of features).

I think he needs to switch around the side pages and put apps on the first page and widgets on the second page since you use apps a lot more than you add widgets... I hope. Also assuming you think of it from right to left mind set since that's the way your swiping from :-)


My action launcher is slightly different from yours.
In my action bar, there is a small arrow next to the drawer icon and there is no "three dots" icon next to the "Google Play" icon.

Why? I don't understand... it's the same version.


The tree dots are because of the HTC one's lack of dedicated menu button which I think Phil has added a tweak to so that it always shows up on the top right.

The lack of the small arrow is because the app/widget draw is open, if the draw was closed, the arrow would suddenly appear.