New multitasking system that is fully customizable, just like a home screen

Action Launcher is receiving an update, at least in the beta channel for now, that adds a new swiping gesture called Quickpage, as well as a feature to access your drawers from anywhere in the phone. Users of Action Launcher are familiar with a swipe in from the left side of the home screen to reveal an app list, but in the latest beta you can now swipe in from the right edge to reveal Quickpage.

This drawer can contain anything that you would normally put on an Action Launcher home screen — shutters, covers, folders, shortcuts and widgets are all available. Pairing Quickpage with another new feature, 1-Swipe, and you have a brand new interface paradigm. 1-Swipe lets you access both left and right edge swipe-in drawers from anywhere on the phone, not just from the home screen. You can now use Quickpage, if you desire, instead of the standard Android multitasking menu.

If you want to give Action Launcher launcher a look, you can download the current stable version at the Play Store link above. If you're wanting to jump straight into the version 2.0 beta, follow the link below to the Action Launcher Google+ community and install the experimental build from there.

Source: +Chris Lacy

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Action Launcher 2.0 enters beta with new '1-Swipe' and 'Quickpage' features


Is there any way to use Action Launcher with the Sense launcher so I get the features of both?

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Chris did say that the New 1-Swipe works with the Sense launcher running so you can have a sort of mishmash of the two.

"Also, an interesting bonus of the fact that 1-Swipe works anywhere is that you can use Action Launcher in combination with another launcher if you so desire. Like Action Launcher's covers and shutters, but can't bear to ditch BlinkFeed? Now you don't have to. "

My comment is being marked as spam so I can't link to it but it's in his Google+ page.

There are about a dozen quick-swipe-launchers available on the Play store that seem to replicate these features. I use Sidebar Plus now but before that it was Swapps.

The trick to them is that because they aren't integrated into your launcher, they have to replicate the functionality ... which sometimes uses as much RAM as another launcher...

That being said - if you have 2gb+ it works great!

Yes there is a way. download action launcher and nova launcher and then set up a nova short cut to launch an app on the action luancher homepage to open up htcsense. That's what I did.

Using it now. Yes, it is as awesome as it sounds. No, it is not just like a combination of the notification tray pull-down and the recents button. It's better, but could replace both of them if done right.

I just cannot get into this launcher. I bought it a long time ago. And I dont like scrolling down in a list mode for applications. And I dont like the "empty" spaces it has between apps. It just doesnt look right.

This video makes the special features of this launcher look laggy, and the scrolling looks far from smooth. How is it in practice?

The current version in the Play Store is excellent. Very smooth. The one in the video looks sluggish probably because its still in beta

While I REALLY like this launcher and I've used it for a while, I just can't keep using it. Unfortunately, after a while it just slows down so terribly bad and rebooting doesn't help. I love the idea, it just doesn't work so well on my GNex.

TheSapient....I get mixed results. Swipe while on home screen is pretty smooth and fluid. In applications, the first swipe has a little lag like you noticed in the video and not very smooth. The second etc swipes in apps gets smoother.

Remember, it's still in BETA!

If you try to access your drawers when there's kids around.... They're gonna call the cops on you.

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The same functions app exists for years. Try SwipePad. Not laggy, more features, more customisations, works fine with Chrome "swipe from edge" feature.

Sorry but these features look useless. I could easily just swipe left or right to get to any screen with any "shortcut" on it. Or I can just tap my home button on Nova and pull up my app drawer. Seems like these shortcuts are a bit redundant and unnecessary.

While I'm totally sold to Nova + Swipepad, I see nothing wrong with how Action Launcher implements things.
That huge grade of choice we have on Android is what makes it so awesome.

Unlike in Nova...your setup, if you are in an application and want to launch another application, you would have to hit Home (or exit app)...then swipe to your page or app drawer and then launch your application.

With the new swipe feature in Action Launcher, you can launch another application WHILE in a application. No need to hit home to get out of that app, no need then to swipe to another screen or launch app drawer just to launch another application.

Yeaaaaa No. It's simple, go to the home page and pick the app you want to go to next. Or even better use multi tasking. This seems pointless and just adds another way to do something that was already simple enough. Too many ways to do something is not always a good thing.