One of the biggest selling points of the Acer Liquid, Acer's first Android phone, was the 1GHz Snapdragon Processor that would've powered the puppy. It would've been a first for Android phones and easily would have outpaced all other Android devices. Unfortunately, from this leaked slide detailing the Liquid, it looks like the Acer will underclock its Snapdragon processor and have it run at 768 MHz instead of the previously promised 1GHz. Does this mean the Liquid's performance will be dramatically different? We'll have no idea until we test it out.

But honestly, if Acer decided that underclocking the Snapdragon Processor to 768MHz was a good move, we have to trust that there were reasons to do so. From what we understand, the Snapdragon processor is a serious battery drain so perhaps the slight drop off in pure performance was worth a significant gain in battery life? Or maybe Acer felt that Android doesn't quite need a 1GHz processor yet?

Either way, we still think the Acer Liquid is a fantastic device--it still packs a 5 megapixel camera, 800x400 resolution touchscreen, your usual slew of connectivity options--all packaged in some stellar hardware. We're a little sad that we can't brag about having a 1GHz processor but we're sure 768MHz would do us just fine.

What do you guys think? 1GHz or bust? Or is 768 MHz plenty fast?

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Acer Liquid Snapdragon Processor To Be Underclocked to 768MHz


Given how the current Android devices perform the reduction to 768Mhz seems perfectly appropriate to me, especially if it was done to increase battery life (which I'm guessing it was).

I would like CPU clocking to be controlled by the end user. Best would be through Android level, next best would be at BIOS level. Let superusers make the choice of fast, or better batt life.

I agree with Rodney. Otherwise I predict wihin 1 day of release there will be posted instructions on how to get 1Ghz with a soldering iron and a razorblade. What would be useful is an auto-setting that goes to 1GHz when the phone is plugged in or apps need the extra power, then drops to 768Mhz when it is running on batteries or relatively idle.