We hit up NVIDIA's table last night to see what sort of Tegra 2 awesomeness they had in store and lo-and-behold they were showing off the gaming chops of the Acer ICONIA Tab A500. If you didn't hear, the 10" tablet is coming to Verizon's LTE network and will sport Honeycomb, though this unit was rocking a fairly stock Android 2.2. So stock, in fact, that rather than poke around Android by pulling up the default buttons (they're brought on-screen with a swipe rather than existing as real button), we just took in the stellar performance of Dungeon Defenders.

Back to the Acer: hardware feels solid by dint of copious amounts of brushed metal, there's HDMI out, a proper USB port, and microUSB. Get your photos and a the video gaming demo after the break!

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Droid hungry says:

looks sweet any info on pricing?

Wow this looks good

moosc says:

And another contract yea give me WiFi or give me death. No more contracts

stopsign002 says:

Agreed. I've already got an android phone for tethering. I want a wifi pad. The Asus pads are looking awesome

bigk says:

This tablet needs to be running Android 3.0.

A operating system made for tablets.

" the 10" tablet is coming to Verizon's LTE network and will sport Honeycomb"
Read the article next time.

cea1203 says:

This is wifi? ?? I own it. Read! !!