Acer Iconia A200

So a few quick thoughts on the Acer Iconia A200, now that's it's available in stores: Yeah, it's yet another dual-core 10.1-inch Android tablet. Yeah, there's a little more software lag than we'd like to see. Yeah, we've got wait for it to get Ice Cream Sandwich. Yeah, it's not the thinnest tablet you've ever picked up. Been there, done that, right?

But absolutely do not write off the A200. For $350 for the 16GB model, you could do worse. Now, that statement might well change in the next 6 months, as ASUS has a 7-inch quad-core tablet on the way for $250. (Insanity!) But for today. we're pretty impressed with the A200 after just a few minutes of use. 

Most of what you see is pretty familiar. Honeycomb is Honeycomb. But Acer's tossed in some interesting software improvements, including a lockscreen with quick-launch shortcuts, and a neat little "Ring" launcher that lives on top of the home screens, but only when you call for it to. It's an interesting differentiator, and it's nice to see a little work put into an otherwise interim version of Android.

Hit the break for our quick hands-on. And stick around for the end of the video for a little surprise.

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Acer Iconia A200 video hands-on


Note that Acer's own web site has an error in the specs for this tablet.

The upper description lists it (properly) as a dual core, the detailed specs list it as a Quad core.

Quad core? No.

Also the wake lock lag that Phil saw is a result of the deep sleep mode on the WIFI chipset. This is the same on the A500. You can get around that by leaving bluetooth on. Bluetooth is built into the same chip, and leaving bluetooth on prevents that chipset from going into the extreme power saving mode. Don't worry, the battery is more than adequate.

Hoping that Acer brings the same lock and ring enhancements to my wonderful A500 in a soon to be had firmware update.

You hear me Acer? Do ya?

I've got the A200 and i have to say, so far so great! Yes there is a little lag but its not all that horrible. The screen is beautiful. For the price, you absolutely can't beat it(at least not for another 3-6 months) One problem i'm having, and i've seen a couple of others having it too is that the digital clock widget is 1 hour behind the actual time. There is another clock in the bottom right hand corner which displays the correct time, but the widget is an hour off. Others have said they have the problem too, but in this video the widget had the same time as the clock so I don't know what's up with tat. But otherwise, its a terrific tablet.

I wanna win! Bought a $100 "crap-let", which I'm returning and going for this one. Looks awesome!!

As of this video, they havent done the review yet. He said they'll give it away after the review is over.

I think thats the Tablet I want. Im pretty impressed with Acers quality these days. And the price point seems affordable.