That Android Netbook craze sure died down a bit once Chrome OS was officially unveiled, didn't it? In any case, the guys at pocket-lint have gotten their hands on one of the Android netbooks available, the Acer Aspire One D250, and gave it a full review. The Acer Aspire One D250 dual boots Windows 7 Starter Edition and yep, our very own Android OS.

It's your run of the mill netbook: 1.6 GHz Atom chip, 10.1-inch screen, tiny keyboard, and small footprint. The Windows 7 side of things performs admirably but it's the Android we're interested in, right? Well, sad to say, Android on a netbook seems to be nothing more than a gimmick. Though it boots fast (16 secs vs Windows 7's 1 minute), the performance isn't ideal. Pocket-lint termed Android on a netbook as 'stumbling', 'crude', and 'not [an addition] that is very compelling'. Hit the link for the full review.

So we guess, for the time being at least, we'll have to temper our expectations for an Android netbook. And we guess that's okay since Android isn't intended for Netbooks anyway..



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Acer Aspire One D250 Android Netbook Gets Reviewed


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I own the Win7 version and I'm really happy with the speed, really daring to try it with Android...but interesting to read!

I have the AspireOne dual boot.
Less than impressed with Android, which is sad as I'm a Linux girl. Very tempted to add Ubuntu onto it also, but that might be overkill.

Android is good for if you just want to check something on the internet, or if you use your netbook like you would a PDA (with shopping or to do lists) but I rarely stay in Android at home as I find it buggy. What annoys me is its older than most of the phone versions of Android, so I can't even utilise most of the apps!

Additionally, using Android messes up my windows time (as it boots first, then I think writes local time to the BIOS, but Windows adds time from the BIOS time, so I'm always reading GMT+10 in android, but GMT+20 in Windows!!)

I just feel like it was a bit of a gimmick, so people would think if they had an Android phone they'd get some benefit with the android computer. Its more of an add on, really.

The whole package isn't bad - it is fast, but dont go thinking you're getting a perfected system

"What annoys me is its older than most of the phone versions of Android, so I can't even utilise most of the apps!"
You should look into 'InsydeMarket'.
Google the term, its the first link.

They have apps there that work just for the Android on the netbook.