Richard's Gear Bag

We're knee deep in event season once again, here's what I'll be dragging to Germany for IFA 2014

Continuing on from Alex and Andrew's insights into what's in their respective gear bags right now, the baton now passes to me. On September 2 i'll be packing up my things and heading off on the annual trip to IFA 2014, the biggest tech show on the planet outside of CES.

Not everything in my gear bag is of an Android/Google persuasion and with good reason – or so I feel, at least. So, here's what i'll be packing.

Bag: Wenger rucksack (not a clue on which one!)

Richard's Gear Bag

I've been using the same gear bag for about 18 months now. I don't know its name but it's made by Wenger and it's a rucksack rather than a messenger bag. There are a few things that did, and still do attract me to it over anything else i've seen.

Firstly, it's a rucksack. I have a creaky old back and creaky old shoulders and I find messenger bags leave me with too many aches in both at the end of a long day pounding the show floors. Beyond this it has plenty of pockets to keep all my assorted gadgetry in, with three main compartments, a dedicated tablet pocket and a dedicated laptop pocket.

There's so much room inside that unfortunately I usually go a little crazy and pack too much. It's stood me well in the time i've owned it and there isn't a single part of it that's been damaged or overly worn. So i'll probably keep using it until something breaks.

While I'm not sure you can buy this same bag anymore, there are plenty of newer alternatives from Wenger.

Buy: Wenger Backpack by SwissGear on Amazon ($42.99)

Phones and tablet: LG G3, iPhone 5s and iPad mini with Retina Display

Richard's Gear Bag

I already feel the flames headed my way. Truth is, I do carry an iPhone and I do use an iPad. But we'll come to those after talking some Android, first. The LG G3 has been my daily driver since it first landed in my hot little hands. Having been a huge fan of the G2 I could have predicted this all along, but it's a fantastic phone to take trekking round the trade shows.

We've talked a lot about the G3 in recent weeks, but what's particularly good about taking it to events is the removable battery and the microSD card slot. Events are battery hungry, as is travel in general. Roaming never produces the best battery life out of a device and events are even worse. In these situations being able to swap out a battery is extremely handy.

Then there's the iPhone. Since i've been known to write a post or two for iMore in my time, I always have an iPhone to hand. But more importantly – especially when I travel – my wife uses an iPhone, so I never leave the country without mine. My domestic carrier does a great deal on data roaming so with my iPhone 5s I can iMessage and FaceTime – audio and video – her back home and spend a lot less than if I were doing the same using regular calls and texts. And no, getting her onto something like Google Hangouts isn't going to happen, either, before anyone asks!

I also tend to use the iPhone as my go to music player since I rely a lot heavier on whatever Android phone I'm also carrying to get me through the working day. There's also a hidden extra feature I use it for that I'll get to in a later section.

You've also no doubts noticed I carry an iPad mini and not a Nexus 7 or other Android tablet. I just like it better, that's all there is to it. I like the size and I like the 4:3 screen ratio over 16:9 at this size. Android tablets in portrait mode feel too tall for me, and too wide in landscape. I've also been known to use it for some light offline work from time-to-time, and as a Mac user there are some apps I use daily that are great on both devices and iCloud sync keeps me going whichever I pick up.

Buy: LG G3 on Amazon (Various prices/contracts)

Buy: iPhone 5s from Apple (From $199 on contract, $649 without)

Buy: Retina iPad mini from Apple (From $399)

Smartwatch - Pebble

Richard's Gear Bag

I've been rocking the Pebble since late 2013 and even with the recent emergence of the first Android Wear smartwatches I haven't yet been tempted away. The Pebble still does pretty much everything I want in a smartwatch with two added bonuses over Android Wear. First, I can use it with my iPhone if need be – and yes, that remains important to me – and secondly is that battery life – yes, I realize that for the purposes of the pictures in this post, it is actually dead. With IFA coming up I'll need to charge the Pebble maybe once during my time in Berlin. Away from the trade shows the battery regularly sees out the working week, and that's important to me.

When you spend as much time charging devices as we do, something that doesn't need plugging in every night is a delight.

Buy: Pebble on Amazon ($149.99)

Cameras and equipment - Canon EOS 600D and Panasonic HC-V720

Richard's Gear Bag

I'll start with the video camera, which is actually the same model that Andrew featured last week. It's a reasonably new addition to my kit and the first time I've really carried a dedicated video camera. Previously I'd used a micro 4/3 camera to do everything, but the V720 has already made significant improvements to both the quality of footage and to the workflow in getting it edited quickly.

The hybrid OIS is a particular favorite. It really does take out almost all of the shakes you're going to encounter shooting handheld video. It's also great at autofocus tracking, fantastically comfortable to hold and even has pretty solid audio recording. It'll do a decent enough job at suppressing background noise, so much so that if I really need to shoot a quick video the sound won't be horrible.

Richard's Gear Bag

Usually though when I'm shooting video that won't be voiced over during editing I use a lav mic. Remember the secret extra reason I take an iPhone with me? I have a Rode Smartlav microphone that hooks up to the headphone jack on my iPhone and records audio. I've thought about using a mic that connects to the camera but for the price of this one and the quality of the recordings, I'm more than happy to stick with it. It also means if I need to get really clever or need to fix something I've got a separate audio recording that I can tweak and fettle accordingly.

For still images I've gone back to using a DSLR and opted for the Canon EOS 600D. It came at a good price, isn't too complicated – though I still only use about 15% of its potential at most – and takes very good quality images without the need to get too deep in manual settings. I pair it with the standard kit lens which is good enough for about 85% of all event work and a Tamron 85-300mm lens. This isn't the best quality lens in the world but I picked it up at a great price and it serves well enough for its only real purpose; live blogs. To get good pictures at a press conference you need to be able to zoom right in, so that's why I got this lens.

I also tend to pack a Manfrotto monopod with me, too. Main reason being it's a travel sized monopod so it fits inside my gear bag. My tripod doesn't, so it usually stays at home. Most of the time I only need a monopod for live blogs anyway, so it more than serves the purpose.

Buy: Canon EOS 600D on Amazon ($549.00)

Buy: Panasonic HC-V720M on Amazon ($564.00)

Laptop: 2012 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Richard's Gear Bag

This laptop has been my main machine now for almost 18-months and I use it for all my main Mobile Nations work. It's the 2012 model with a 2.6GHz Intel Core i5 CPU, 8GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD drive. It's powerful enough to handle just about all on-the-road related tasks and is still plenty quick enough at crunching photos and videos and exporting them for use.

It's also incredibly compact considering, and of course the display is just stunning to look at. Editing photos on it is a really good experience. I'd like an extra USB port in all honesty, but otherwise it's still a great machine.

I protect it inside my gear bag in a pretty generic felt sleeve. It's soft inside, well priced and just helps keep other things in my bag from causing harm to its metal body.

Buy: MacBook Pro with Retina Display on Amazon (From $1234.99)

Headphones - Motorheadphones Bomber and Monster N-Tune earbuds

Richard's Gear Bag

Why two sets of headphones? Easy. The Motorheadphones are my main pair at the moment in part due to being "loud as s*%t," partly because they're extremely comfortable and partly because they offer a great quality sound at an affordable price. This particular pair doesn't require manually adjusting to fit your head, it has a special arrangement with those rubber 'arms' to help do it for you. I still don't really understand, but it works. I love these things.

But I use those when travelling mainly when I'm on the plane. They're comfortable enough to wear for hours on end. I carry a pair of earbuds in my bag for two main reasons. Firstly, when I'm editing video I have to plug in when dealing with the sound. Secondly, they're much more portable than the Motorheadphones, so they free up more space in my bag for the days I'm out on the show floor.

The Monster N-Tune buds despite having a pretty bad name are actually really good quality. I like the sound that they produce and I particularly like that they're magnetized so I can just hook them together round my neck when not in my ears and not have to worry about losing them or tangling them up in anything.

Buy: Motorheadphones Bomber on Amazon ($39.99)

Buy: Monster Ntune earbuds on Amazon ($59.99)

Cables, batteries and accessories

Richard's Gear Bag

I do try to organize how I carry my cables, but it usually only lasts until after travelling. I bought this Cocoon from the Apple Store to help me out. It's essentially a board with bungee cords on of differing sizes that you tuck your cables and assorted other accessories under to keep organized and take up less space in your bag.

On the whole, it works. I usually carry as few cables as possible, packing a couple of microUSBs, a Lightning cable and a miniUSB cable for pulling videos directly from my video camera.

Other assorted essentials include a USB Ethernet adapter – for those rare occasions press events have Ethernet – a selection of SD cards, a good old fashioned pen and notebook – because you never know – UK/Euro wall adapters and a bottle of hand sanitizer. Going to a trade show without hand sanitizer is an instant ticket to post-show plague.

Even though the G3 has a replaceable battery, I never go on the road without a battery pack. My current favorite is a slim Huawei one that I acquired in a press pack from one of their events. It's a 4400mAh battery which is ample for a day away from an outlet. I sometimes pack a Mophie Powerstation Duo, too, but mine is a little old and beat up now so it's pretty much been replaced.

I also take my trusty Samson GoMic on the road to big events, just the same as other members of the AC team. While at home podcasting and voice over duties are performed by a Rode Podcaster microphone, it's too impractical to take on the road. The Samson GoMic is an excellent alternative that takes up almost no space in my gear bag. You never know at an event when an impromptu podcast might break out, or when you need to do some voice over work on a video away from the busy show floor or press room. You get great quality recordings from the GoMic and the fold out 'stand' also doubles up as a clip to attach it to your laptop lid.

Buy: Samson GoMic on Amazon ($35.15) Buy: Cocoon Grid It from Apple

Too much?

When you lay it all out like this – and on my coffee table to take a picture – it sounds like a lot, maybe too much. But when leaving the country for a big event I'd always rather be too prepared, take too much, than leave something behind. The main thing is that everything comfortably fits into my actual bag comfortably, so I can afford to pack a little extra. It's super fun putting it through airport security at London Heathrow, mind. More than a few occasions I've had to empty it all out for inspection.

The AC on the road series will continue and if you missed them the first time round be sure to check out what Alex and Andrew are carrying around, or jump back to what we were using last year to see how things have changed.


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AC on the road: What's in Richard's gear bag in 2014


No, the contents of Richard's bag is indeed his Richard gear!

"your Richard gear?" In response to the question "what's in Richard's gear bag".

Posted via Android Central App

I bought my Macbook Air with only 256GB SSD earlier this year. Wish it had 512GB
because I managed to fill up the 25GB SSD with so much stuff, now it only has
27GB of space available. :(

I won't flame you for having a Macbook Pro. If I could afford one I would have one too. As for the iPad, well, I wouldn't waste my money on one of those. I understand why you have one though.

Will you look at how many Apple devices are in that photo?

Based on the photo above, I don't think he should be allowed
to keep his job at ANDROIDCENTRAL.

Such jobs should only be given to real ANDROID guys!

At the very least, assign him to the least-desirable parking
spaces in the back of the office building! :)

When I worked at a Mercedes dealership many years ago,
I was not allowed to park my Lexus in the employee parking lot.
Employees who drove non-Mercedes vehicles had to park in the
adjacent lot which we shared with Circuit City(now gone). At
least they enforced the policy by the book. The general manager's
own wife was a salesperson and even she was not allowed to park
her Audi TT in the employee lot!

OMG! I'll replace that laptop at once with a high powered Android laptop then, shall I?

Thankfully, you're not my boss. My boss also uses Apple products, in case you were wondering :) I actually work for Mobile Nations, ya know. Just to clarify on that.

Don't worry... I also use Macbooks exclusively! :) As well as my iPad
and iPod Touch. However, I also keep several Android phones,
including Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy
Note 3, Galaxy S5, HTC One M7, Moto X, Moto G (see a pattern here?
I never sell my old phones and just keep them in the drawers... does
that make me an Android hoarder? :( )

I am in no position to judge anybody. I always considered myself a very
dedicated Android fanboy. However, as soon as the 5.5-inch iPhones 6
comes, I may be defecting.

Don't forget about the phone and tablet as well! While you're at it you also need a Galaxy Camera and LG G Watch. Oh! And don't forget the Lloyd android figurine as a travel companion. As for your wife, tell her to get an Android! ;)

I do wonder if we'll see one of these gear bag posts where someone is using a laptop other than a Mac book.

I'm guessing not.

Posted via Android Central App

I have found that the high majority of bloggers, writers, editors, etc that I have met all use MacBooks, it's not just an AC or Mobile Nations thing.

Is there a way that could happen? Since I only use Windows, I'd love to read those.

Posted via Android Central App

While you are more than free to utilize whatever devices that you (or anybody else for the that matter) may like, I have trouble understanding the value proposition with Apple products. I was pricing a Mac Book Air and I was able to get a far superior CPU for significantly less by going the Windows route. The added bonus for me was being able to take the savings and use it towards a new surround system.

There is no doubt Apple designs nice stuff, but their price premium is out of whack with the times, especially considering that people are making do with less and looking to save every dime or pence or Euro cent they can.


Posted via Android Central App

For me it's easy. I've been using Macs for best part of a decade now. I tried it once when I was younger and just enjoyed using it much more than Windows.

I used Windows PCs for show and event production for over a decade, in a video and stills role. They were tricky then and frankly worse now. Only the ubiquity of PowerPoint kept the platform going! If I was in the game today, I would use Macs. In terms of weight and my sanity mainly.

The thing about event production and coverage, the one fatal sin is failure to deliver. Use what you like, but be there!

Posted via Android Central App

I don't care about the iGear. You don't have to have good taste to have a job. However, this "rucksack" business...I think you're a British spy. In 'Merica that's a backpack. Your car probably has a "boot" too.

When busking it at shows you want something light and easy to use instinctively. Almost everyone covering events (with image and video, then preparing stuff fast) use Macs. At the moment its hard to suggest any viable alternative.

It is a shame that Chrome Books have not evolved into a more capable production tool; unfortunately connectivity is totally critical and seldom reliable at events. As for windows - these days I could not "trust" one to deliver reliability and be light enough. With XP and even 7 one stood some chance; but since then Windows became almost useless as a productive platform.

Posted via Android Central App

That's why my laptop still has Windows 7. Pumping out images and video as good as any Macbook.

Posted via Android Central App

He is not a Android guy he is a writer and journalist, to think that you can only like and use one product is silly there are plenty of great products made by various manufacturers and if you like a particular product i don't think you should think i am not gonna get that because i am not a fanboy.
I love both apple products and love android OS and i see absolutely no problem in liking both.
But to be fair the man gives you the reasons he uses the apple iPhone and you still feel compelled to complain.

Wait he explained it in the article? But I jumped I'm the comment section without read it, so how do you expect me to know that. I just looked at the pretty pictures.
Posted via Android Central App

That's funny. Because most writers/editors at Android sites use Macbook's as their laptop, and use iPhones or iPads as well.

I know right....this website/app is a complete joke....full of useless imfomation on how to do the simplest of things....i see technical artical on the bbc news page days before one of these "know it alls" writes up on it....what ever happen to dedicated writers? we are left with ex "pc world" employees...hopefully a better android dedicated site will appear soon because this one make android look idiotic...

You're welcome to ignore posts that don't interest you instead of clicking on them. That's the great thing about this place.

Not sure who round here used to work at PC World (the website or the store), I used to yell at people who were building supermarkets wrong.

In all honestly i do ignore a lot of post...just wish there was a wider range of articals....the articals seem to be the same but just about diferent devices, no real in depth information about the device in question. The "pc world" employee comment was a description of the writers and how they are so similar in their mind set... but if people find this repetitive information sufficient enough then good for them...i just find it hard to believe that one of the top android sites have so many articals on how to do basic tasks and modifications on android base phones and tablets....i find more sense out of the comment section and forums...i use to recommend my customers to use android central forums when having issues with the devices now i seem to be ranting how annoying its become.

The forums are a great place for device issues. The articles that seem simple to you actually get a huge number of hits from beginners and first time android users which is the intent of them. Stop your whining. They cover a large range of topics, you're simple focusing a small percentage.

Posted via Android Central App

Go.. Somewhere.. Else? I find this to be one of the most informative and nonbiased sites around. Not to mention the user base for the most part are all good guys and ladies that are knowledgeable. If it's not for you, then see yourself out.

Posted via Android Central App

I must agree. I am a little dismayed by the majority of Apple devices for some who writes for AC. Seems a little disingenuous.

Posted via Android Central App from Samsung Note 3

It's called balance. I wouldn't want to read an Android reporter who didn't use competing products and even prefer some of them for personal use. You don't think he has access to virtually any Android device he wants to use?

Posted via Android Central App

I get the theory if balance, just didn't expect to see it in the bag of the writer on an AC site.

I use a Note 3, a Surface Pro 3 (has no interest in Mac) and an ipad air. Just dumped my ipad 2 and iphone 4s. Son has ipad 4 and ipad mini. We use Apple TV and Roku. I get variety. Again.....didn't expect to see it here that's all. Thx

Posted via Android Central App from Samsung Note 3

As he stated in the article, he also writes for iMore. And FYI Phil and Jerry also have iPads and Macs and at least own iPhones. Owning and using the competition is actually a good thing. It makes them well rounded and when the invariable comparisons come up they actually know what they are talking about.

There is no Android laptop nearly as good as Macbook. Windows laptops aren't something an Android user would necessarily use. There is nothing wrong with a person using a Macbook regardless of what ecosystem they use.

Sent from my Galaxy S4 running SlimKat 4.4.4

I completely read the title as "What's in Richard Gears bag" I def need a coffee....

Posted via NSA Spy Van 37...... Free candy??

Why are the writers and the editor of AC so defensive? I realize some comments are idiotic at best, but it makes you guys look petty to respond to them in the manner in which many of you do.

I'm an extreme Android fanboy, but I use an iPad Mini for multiple reasons, and I plan on getting an iPhone 6 upon release to be my work phone beside my M8 as my main device. I plan on getting a Chromebook soon, and I have my own self-built Gaming Rig that runs Windows 8, and I'd love to have a MacBook Pro.

There's too many amazing things in this technological world to get caught up on one company. You can't truly be able to speak on something unless you've used it yourself either. I cant stand blind hate for a company that you've never even tried their products. I'd rather embrace them all.

Dude you're not an extreme Android fan if you don't use only Android devices. Apple is the competition and you're using all of their products so that's pretty pathetic.

Posted via Android Central App

Wow really? I hope you're joking. Let's count my number of Android devices and count yours, I guarantee you I will win. I go through about 12 different phones a year, that's not even including tablets and other devices. Just because I use something else as well doesn't take away from my love for Android.

Posted via Android Central App

Exactly, so an apple or Windows device every now and then shouldn't negate from my Android fanboyism. Das my point. BTW you've been absent today.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah I have a project due Monday morning that I am working on...nothing all that much happens around here on the weekends so I have been my fans the weekend

Ok. After the 3rd sighting of the "android central" sticker on a macbook, I too would like to have one of those as well. Are they available? Haven't looked in the mobile store, as I thought that stuff was all Lloyd

You should really get Phil or someone to find them and give them out on Instagram or the podcast or something. I know a ton of us who would deck all of our shit out in them.

Posted via Android Central App

Well that is just pathetic! There's only one Android device in that photo and its the crappy LG. He really should not be allowed to put any Android Central logo on any of his stuff and call himself an Android guide because obviously he's not.

Posted via Android Central App

Or he was burned owning the original G2 from a few years ago or the Revolution..but yeah clearly hadn't seen anything in the last 2 years or so.

From what I've seen, loaded Air might be better. It's not that much weaker, and the battery life is great.

Posted via Android Central App

I was actually trying to make that same decision sometime soon. I think the weight of the Air really has me sold though.

But what will it be used for? Maybe you'd like the larger screen. It almost hurt to drop from a 15.6 inch to a 14 inch when I picked up a Blade.

Posted via Android Central App

Oh, then of course the Air, it's nice laptop and it's hard to beat for road use and what you need it for. A great all around laptop and I'm an Apple hater XD

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah get the Air

EDIT: I am not a Mac Book fan, but if I had to I would go that way. It has a lot going for it...

Yup. I like them. I use a Mac Pro at work and have an older iMac at home, but need something more portable. From a design standpoint OSX and mission control are super efficient.


Yeah better battery, and that extra 1/2 lb weight savings is very noticeable. I'm in the same camp, thinking it's Air again for me next refresh.

Definitely the Air or a rMBP. Never the standard MBP.

Sent from my Galaxy S4 running SlimKat 4.4.4

I'm pretty sure it says Android Central on the road not mobilenations or apple on the road so why so much talk about Apple products?

Posted via Android Central App

Yes, of course, that's right. Android Central became the number 1 Android site in the world because all its writers were closed minded fanboys who didn't ever touch another product. How could I forget such a thing?

Depends on who you ask. It's subjective. Just like every other "#1 of anything" or "Best of" kind of thing. That includes the link the author posted in order to try and say AC is #1 and claim its fact.

Especially since the forums have become worse over the last few years. The quality of posts has gone down.

Articles are fine tho, especially these Gear Bag ones and the reviews.

Posted via Android Central App

It is subjective, I was just curious as to what your goto site would be.

I do agree that from the little that I go into the forums anymore (I used to go in there all the time, practically lived in 2-3 of them) it does seem that things have dropped a little in there in terms of quality.

I don't have a go-to site to be honest. I have a few that I go to cause each has their weak points.

I used to be a regular in AC's forums but I stopped after some of the notable members left (like Cyber Warrior, dmmarck, etc.) and the number of douchebags and trolls increased and none of them seem to get banned. At least not for good. So it's dropped more than a little in terms of quality, but at least some of the articles are still decent.

Because you're a British spy and your cover is a tech writer and you never knew it to begin with.

"I've been rocking the Pebble since late 2013" - Rocking? Why not just say "wearing" or "using"?

Posted via Android Central App

Because he wasn't aware you'd be butthurt over it.

So much butthurt in the comments section it needs Preparation H.

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 via Android Central App

Stopped reading after iStuff.

Kidding.... It's neat to see what the staff brings along.

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 via Android Central App

He seems quite proud. I do believe he achieved his first "middle school level" insult with that quip.

Posted via Android Central App let me get this basically acused me of a childish remark while using a childish remark yourself... youre cleaver arnt must be amrican right? Lol you bunch of arse licking dweebs.

Those headphones take up more space than your laptop! I guess thats the price of being a hipster. :-)
I’m glad I’m old and boring and can get away with wearing old school in the ear monitors.

But I love them so much :D

But yeah, they're not the smallest things in the world. That's why I take a pair of buds as well when I'm on the road to use for work purposes. Less bag space taken up.

I really enjoy these articles. Mostly because I'm nosey :p, but I do like to see why you guys choose to use what you use. I'm pretty much in the same boat as you tech-wise. I have an N5, iPad mini w/retina and MBP. I like that you get that cross platformality wins. Cheers, Richard, for this one :)

Posted via Android Central App

Does Apple make those?

Sorry, had to. Nice write up, I really dig these gear bag articles. Keep them coming.

Posted via Android Central App

It is the perpetuation of the consumer cycle, apple gives them an iPod mini at birth in a welcome basket..

Wow. Very Fisher-Price. I usually don't criticize people for choices in technical gear and I'm no android snob. My choices are based on hardware, availability of support, value for the dollar, reliability. I don't care what name is on the sticker. I've had my experiences with Apple products. I can see maybe writers and non technical professionals using apple due to ease of use but not technical professionals. Apple is very limited in the flexibility department and androids lightning fast rise to the top says alot. Anyone that knows even in sports a team can get lucky here and there, but the better team almost always brings home the big trophy.

Posted via Android Central App

People keep bring this up, but where is that lighting fast and powerful Android laptop used for the editing they need to do? Where is the windows laptop that is going to give you almost zero issues and just work when you need it to. I see no issue with any of them using Apple products, even though I myself wouldn't touch one - unless I'm tossing it somewhere to be recycled. The rMBP is a very capable device for anyone doing this type of work, and I would never say otherwise.

Posted via Android Central App

Macbooks hardly give you zero issues when working. They're no better than windows laptops, except preference-wise.

Posted via Android Central App

I understand the argument abour the iPad (you can do more on an Android tablet), and he explained the iPhone. But just out of curiosity, what exactly do you think a Windows or Linux machine can do but the rMBP can't?

I can completely understand why someone would choose Mac over Windoze or Linux for ease of media editing but it is still jarring to see writers for Android Central choosing Apple over Android.

Before the crazies begin to froth, yes I understand and agree w/fully his reasons why (iMessage and all that) but no one else finds it disturbing that Android is not central to the creators of an Android-centric blog?

Why? A ton of professionals use Mac's to write stuff.....actually I think that more writers and tech people use Mac than windows (you speeld it wrong by the way)

Each OS has its place and its uses, not to mention its diehards....

But this is an Android site, he needs to use that weird HP Android laptop. Because he's a tech wizard that only does Android things.

Posted via Android Central App

You know...I have sat here and thought about it.....

You are absolutely right


I just would like to pose this question and I'm sorry for sounding insulting. If this is an Android site, what do you think this says to your readers about your credibility as a knowledgeable Android guide?

Posted via Android Central App

Because he uses Apple products (as well as most of the writers on the site) then we can't their word for bringing us fast, accurate, and unbiased Android news?

Posted via Android Central App

what calls that into question?In actuality, using more than one platform allows you to be more objective when writing about one.

If you only use one then you are of course going to have blinders on as to its strengths and weaknesses.

Exactly, how else could anyone compare and contrast two things without knowledge in both things? There is a reason no one likes reading the posts of fanboyish writers. If you refuse to be objective, the you should also refuse to pick up a pen.

Posted via Android Central App

Excellent point that frankly should be addressed by the writers. Since the author is comfortably ensconced in iMessage and Facetime, I wonder if he is aware of or up to date on the Android messaging alts or offerings.

This is a fair question as this is not a just another tech site but an Android specific one. I can guarantee you that a writer using a Galaxy S5 on an Apple site would definitely raise eyebrows among readership and the writer's competence questioned.

I believe he mentioned it's in large part because of his wife that he uses those services. Happy wife easy life. And if you're speaking of Hangouts did they (Mobile Nations) not use that to cover CES? And it happens to be on iOS sooo...

Posted via Android Central App

I fail to see how that is relevant to the conversation. I'm sure he'd rather keep her happy instead of pressing her to use an Android phone because he's an Android writer.

Posted via Android Central App

Maybe so but that hadn't stopped Renee or any of the others. LeeAnna (I think her name is) even has an M8 alongside her iPhone 5S. And Renee has a Nexus 5 and 7 along with a Lumia 1020 and I'm sure others.

Our iMore team (which includes myself) includes people who have Android phones to hand as well. Like Ally, who's even written a few posts on here from time to time.

My competence for also using Android has never, ever been questioned on iMore. Only in the Android Central comments do people seem to get offended at the site of an iPhone.

Sax... This is an Android site not a chrome site. In the mobile ecosystem Android has had a lightning fast rise to the top.

Posted via Android Central App

If he only wrote for Android Central then you would have one point. And if there weren't also chrome articles here then you would have two points.

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I still have an iPad and a pretty old MacBook Pro (replaced by my Lenovo Y410P as my daily driver).

I'd want a Shield Tablet, but will probably get another iPad.

Why? I've got too many paid apps tied to my account.

The Shield Tablet is so freaking amazing. Even though I just use it as a normal tablet.

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Richard, I too prefer backpacks. You might want to check out the Chrome Cardiel Fortnight. I find it to be the perfect bag for carrying all my tech gear. It's a bit pricier than that Wenger, but it's super comfortable, waterproof, and guaranteed for life. It has intelligent organization and military grade construction. Not only that, it's low profile against the back whether empty or stuffed with gear. It's definitely worth the money. Looks much better than all the dorky tech bags out there (I've gotten Targus and other ones from work and hated them all). Plus, it's great for bike commuting. :)

Dat price tho, sleek bag, may pick one up if I can find it cheaper. I don't mind the design of Targus bags, I use one as an overnight bag of sorts. Targus Matrix, it's huge and works, but then it's also just stuffed in my car filled with clothes in case I umm... Spend a night at house that's not mine.

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Yeah, quality don't come cheap. Unfortunately their bags don't really go on sale much, other than some older models. You should see how it's built though. The main thing I don't like about the Targus bags and their ilk is they're super bulky and they make you look like a turtle even when empty. This bag is pretty ninja and hugs your body even when full. It's deceptive though. It's plenty big when you need it to be. All that gear in the pic goes in there and I still have a bunch more room to spare.

• Weatherproof, 1050-denier CORDURA® Brand outer shell
• 1680 Ballistics bottom panels for enhanced durability
• Weatherproof, military-grade, 18-oz. truck-tarpaulin liner
• Nylon 69 thread and waterproof, urethane YKK zippers
• Made in USA

No offense, but I don't know why you'd buy a 4500 mAh one for $50 when you can get a 12000 for less. Having that much juice is awesome. I haven't managed to deplete it yet. I'm looking forward to taking it on my big South Africa trip in October to see if I can finally use it all up for once on that long ass flight. :)

For me this guy's opinion on Android devices has no value. I completely understand why he writes for AC and don't think anyone else should share my opinion. I just don't care to read the opinions regarding Android and Android devices of someone married to another ecosystem. Doesn't mean I think he shouldn't contribute to AC, just means I won't click on his posts.

Someone mentioned this site being the number 1 Android site. Not sure exactly how that was calculated but I would rank it at number 2 behind AP. Still an excellent place to visit but not my number 1. Again, my opinion and mine alone, everyone else's mileage may vary.

BTW, this is from his profile, might be time to update it. " A previous Windows Mobile, iPhone and BlackBerry user, Richard tried Android this one time, at Band Camp, and felt right at home from day one. The current weapons of choice are a Galaxy Nexus and a Nexus 7... and a race car. When not playing with Android devices, Richard is also a motorsport fanatic who now holds a race license. "

Hi Richard. You list most prices in USD, do you actually buy most of it in America (or shipped from America). I thought it might be site policy to quote US prices at the time of writing.

I can really understand you use of a monopod, I use one a lot. Tripods are great but insanely bulky and heavy at shows. Good luck at the shows - hope you get some sleep & survive.

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How can you write about all things Android without using them everyday? I know many writers who write books using Chromebooks today. Its like accountant saying I know taxes but really don't .

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1) What does a Chromebook have to do with Android right now? 2) I spend 8 hours a day inside Google Chrome, anyway 3) I'm using an LG G3. Before that a GS5. Before that a G2. Before that a Moto X. Getting the picture?

The "What's in our bags" posts were popular last year so we brought them back for this year. You don't have to like it, but lots of people did/do.

I think everyone should be allowed to choose whatever devices they want to use. My issue here is that I have a hard time finding any credibility in someone recommending anything android when all they use are apple devices.

I don't say it's impossible to review the android device, but you can't tell me you'll be fair and able to say, for example: The G3 is the device of the year.. Yet I use an iPhone...

But it's probably just me. I stopped reading android authority because all they use are iPhones.. I'm an Android enthusiast, I expect my news and review to come from enthusiasts as well.

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Dude we think the same. There is way to much iproducts being used in Android Central. I truly do not know that they used so much icrap.

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I know that. But if you are telling me to buy a Audi and when you're done your speech, you walk away and drive off in a Cadillac... I'll probably wonder why the hell you aren't selling Cadillac since you bought it over what you're trying to sell me..

I used to have the iPhone 4, 5, Apple TV, ipad 1 and 3. I loved them back then but when I switched to android I never looked back. So I don't "live in a vacuum". I prefer android and when someone if selling me something or at least giving me advice about it, I like to think it's because they personally prefer it too...

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But there are Mercedes-Benz salesmen that drive home in Fords because they can't afford a Benz. Not too relevant, just pointing it out.

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You are so not on subject. We're not talking about not being able to afford something. He chose these things. Anyways, I started by saying I don't care what device he uses in his personal time. It just hurts his credibility.

Now, you'll say it doesn't and come back with a clever answer to try and win this non-existing argument, but remember that the world is split in two. You may not care, but it doesn't mean others don't. So potentially, half the readers of this site will think like me while the other half thinks like you. So if I was him, I wouldn't have showed all these idevices and keep 100% of the readers happy.

And to prove that I'm right about having people think like me.. Go read how he started his article. He knew people would complain.

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What exactly is AC selling you? Are you buying a phone from them?

Does a news reporter need to be a rapist so that they can report on rape?

Oh I'm sorry, I guess I'm the only person on this planet who's reading reviews on Android sites to see if a phone is worth it.. I mean, that's totally not what reviews are for...

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You act like the reviews are tainted and slanted by the machine that they are written on. Oh and as much as I hang out here on AC, this is not the only place that I would come to if I was buying a phone (and was a non-techie). Research is about variety and if you take one as gospel, your gonna get screwed sooner or later...

Sure. I totally said I come only here for reviews. You asked me if they are selling me something. I answered the reviews are a form of sales.

God, why do I have to explain everything to you.

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no reviews are not a form of sales. They are independent thoughts on a product. Commercials are a form of sales. This isn't that.

And yes.. Rape and phones are completely the same...

Let me rephrase it.. Does a guy need to eat at McDonald's to tell me how the food tastes?

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It's funny because I knew that would be your reply. You are so predictable.

Yes, he can eat bk. My point is that I won't ask a gourmet chef to recommend me a fast food restaurant. So I won't ask a fan boy what's the best android phone.
Anyways, why are you arguing with me? I won't change my mind about how I think because some guy on the Internet is defending a article. I couldn't care less about you. But this website should care about people like me because fans are what makes this site.

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Why are you moving the goalposts? You asked about fast food and now you are onto gourmet food. His Apple heavy bag does not disqualify him from commenting on Android, especially since 2 years ago he was very Android centered.

He also happens to be the senior editor at iMore so I guess that plays into it.

If you think this is fighting, you have very thin skin. I am just pointing out how stupid your POV comes off as.

Maybe. But it's my point of view.

To be quite honest, it passes me off. I hate going to an Android site to see iPhones. There's a clear war between ifans and android and the fact that an Android site uses iPhone is wrong.

What's next? The Star Trek producer making Star Wars? Geez!

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and you are totally entitled to that POV and I respect it honestly.

But I would rather have a reporter that uses everything. I think that, if he does favor one, he will spur enough noise to make changes in whatever platform is lacking.

I prefer the well rounded voice as opposed to the fanboy voice...

And we thank you for your kind words. We're not here to be fanboys. No-one learns anything from fanboys.

We're here to do the best damn job we can. And for most of us that involves using all the platforms.

I used to write about motorsport before I had my own race license. So by your arguments I (and a large number of motorsport journalists around the world) would have no business in that space?

And by the way, the only android device he has is the g3 cause it's new.. Sounds pretty apple exclusive to me.

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and by the way, I bet he has a drawer full of Android devices (or at the very least has access to Phil's stash) that he can get to at any time. Of course he is only carrying the latest one. Why would he be carrying a Fascinate?

You know that makes no sense right?

I don't care what he was using in 2012. You said he has a drawer full of old android phones and it makes no sense to carry them. To which I replied that he is carrying a now 2 years old iPhone.

What the hell is the relevance of what he was using in 2012?

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It is all android centric, it opposes your theory that his current iPhone/Apple centric bag disqualifies him from being able to comment

Not that I should need to defend anything, but you do know that I also work for iMore, right? Well, actually, I work for Mobile Nations. All of our sites. I also have a couple of Windows Phones lying around and even an old BlackBerry. So what?

What, you think even Phil doesn't have a desk with non-Android phones on?

I'm curious Richard, you said you use the iphone for "a hidden extra feature I use it for that I'll get to in a later section." What was the other feature? Did I miss it?

The Rode microphone. Picked it up last year and for whatever reason (it's over my head) it never worked properly with the Android phones I've been using.

Not that I need to defend myself to you...but here's your answer.

My job title is Senior Editor for Mobile Nations. My main homes are here on AC and over on iMore. You know, the Apple site in our network. I don't really care what you think of my device choice, but you know what? I come to work every day, do the best job I can and then at the end of the month I get paid which keeps a roof over my head and will soon feed my first child.

If you want blind fanboys who have never touched a non-Android device, I suggest you look elsewhere. That's not what you find here.

I really hope you do not get paid monthly. I did that once and it was the absolute worst way to get paid ever invented. You did get to knock out the bills all at once but your screwed if a surprise pops up.