Muzei has quickly become one of our favorite live wallpapers for Android devices. It's smartly designed, easy to use and extensible, allowing you to pull in images from any number of sources.

Our question: What's your favorite so far? I'm partial to APOD right now, but there are plenty others — and you can always use your own images if you'd like.

So what's everybody using? Let us know in the comments.

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ajpri says:

Artwork, the default one. I like it and my World History Teacher does too. Too bad she has an iPhone.

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rd_nest says:

I know I am hijacking the thread, but 500 Firepaper looks better to me. Well, now actually Chainfire has added Muzei support for this app as well. IMO, worth a look:

arrioch says:

Nice work on Movies plugin!

SirBobaFett says:

Apod, today's one is epic.

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Chromecast wallpaper extension is pretty cool as well

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gtorrontegui says:

Yesterday I was lookin for something like this, I knew it wouldnt take long before someone came up with the idea. But I wanted to download it and it says my device is not compatible :o I have a Galaxy S3

15israellai says:

I support APOD too, not just because I'm an astronomy enthusiast, but space pictures are always astonishing, and dark pictures are nice as a wallpaper.

germcevoy says:

I use the reddit extension. It includes APOD so best of both worlds.

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Lee Crumley says:

How do you choose your source? My picture option will only pull from photos on my tablet?

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ryanmtech says:

Download extensions from the play store and it will add additional options to your sources.

Lee Crumley says:

Thank you!

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Not using live wallpapers, since it's unnecessary use of system resources, however small it may be. Plain jpeg does just fine as background, and is easier on the eyes.

germcevoy says:

Unnecessary? Maybe for you but I tend to utilize the features of my phone.

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Jdane07 says:

You're missing out on a pretty cool experience with Muzei.

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DirkBelig says:

Then why didn't you just buy an iPhone so you wouldn't even have to deal with the temptation to customize anything?

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bhkjunk says:

Stop wasting your time replying to posts where you won't contribute anything. And yes, you didn't contribute anything.

Telepaurk says:

Bonjour Madame :p

net62957 says:

Artwork and APOD so far. I've tweaked some Nexus wallpapers that look pretty cool. Looking forward to checking out some other stuff.

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ryanmtech says:

i love the reddit extension
i change subreddits frequently but my favorites are:
- concertporn
- earthporn
- windowshots
- exposureporn

and of course the apodstream

so awesome

eahinrichsen says:

Yeah, the Reddit extension is fantastic. It's the only use I have for Reddit.

MrJazz says:

Using DeviantArt, photography subs mostly.
Oh, and NatGeo is pretty cool too...

jcg5862 says:

APOD. Today's pic is awesome.

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1ll1TERAT3 says:

I currently have 4 installed: National Geographic, 500px, APOD, and the Cast extension. My favorite is probably APOD, bit I like the others a lot as well.

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socratesman says:


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Believe13 says:

Didn't know about the extensions. However today's last supper is awesome. This app keeps my phone fresh.

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BB_Bmore says:

Not compatible with my device?!


gweedo767 says:

Reddit Sync Pro + /r/earthportn

DaHui623 says:

I just saw that someone made a Bing extension. They sometimes have amazing photos.

imneveral0ne says:

None, the 500 firepaper app from chainfire had been really awesome to me!

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kendroid66 says:

This is one awesome wallpaper

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Wicket says:

I've just been using the default one, I'm curious to see what paintings show up and don't want to miss one. :P

rudyy50 says:

Using the stock ones, but have downloaded other sources.
I've long wanted classic image wallpapers.

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Surprised nobody's mentioned /r/gonewild yet. But anyway, I'm using the default reddit sources, seems a pretty cool extension.

Russ Smith says:

Reddit with earthborn and exposureporn

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BriBlade says:

Anyone get the Bonjour Madame source? Doesn't look like its on the play store!

markluna1 says:

Was using the default, but don't think I'll use live wallpapers at all. Can barely make it through a school day with nothing going on on my phone.

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it's nice, but when i use it on my LG G2 I lose the transparent notification and nav bar.

mck says:

damn you, i knew something looked off but couldnt figure it out (only had it on for about an hour) now i can unsee... back to static wp for me

Hand_O_Death says:

Just about five reading the comments on my G2 and about to download it when I get you this. Thanks for the heads up.

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benhaube says:

I've been using apod, but if the lock screen could have a different wallpaper I'd use the 500px on the nude setting for my homescreen with a plain wall for my lockscreen. Those nude girls on 500px are so beautiful. Its a shame that Adam and eve ate from that tree because the human body is beautiful.

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SabreGuy2121 says:

I've been using the Reddit extension pulling from earthporn, waterporn and skyporn.

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Bonjour Madame

c'est le meilleur

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gregmcph says:

I'd love a Twitter source.
For @lsdcats.

Volkers84 says:

I like the instagram source

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lrrowley says:

I used the Earth porn one from reddit for a couple days, but some of the pictures weren't as high quality as others. I switched to 500px and have been looking it so far, except for the random picture of a woman it put up. Luckily the app makes it easy enough to just switch to the next picture :-)

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jevalladares says:

Big fan of The National Geographic Explorer. Installed it today and it stays there. Big follower of them on Flipboard.

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scribe4food says:

I'm big on APOD. I'm an atheist, so this is the closes I come to worshiping the unknown.

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miknxn says:

About six 2015 WRX STI Wallpapers. Sexy piece of machinery right there! No blur and a touch of dimming. Cool app.


neu smurph says:

I've got 4 installed and love em all - use different ones in different situations, plus my own photos, plus have so far have at least briefly checked out the daily art everyday

The DeviantArt plugin is great - if you have a DA log-in you can link it to your favourites gallery using favby:username.
Tumblr plugin is coming on leaps and bounds - can now use multiple blogs as a source and save images locally.
Also like the Reddit (earthporn, ruralporn, cityporn, waterporn, skyporn) and 500px extensions.

What I'd really love is a couple more settings accessible for the main app - one to set the timeout before the wallpaper 'reblurs' after a double tap, and the ability to chose alternative gestures rather than double tap to 'deblur' (or even the choice between a double tap and a shortcut - I can assign a another gesture to the shortcut then).

Looks like samsung competitor market style ...... if you do not give 2 to 3 updates per phone will be like motorola

Great app - but one issue I have - when choosing a folder of photos on my SD Card - the app crashes every time.

hern says:

I too like to use the /gonewild sub of Reddit

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Regulator says:

Is there a way to make the screen stay clear longer? I like having it blur out but would like for it to stay sharp longer than it is now as it is only for a few seconds.

DaFonZisBack says:

Wtf is muzei

posted with a galaxy note 3. h8ers gon' h8. live2win#swagface#switchedOn*_*

Ivan Myring says:

Konachan extension. I looove anime girls

kobruin says:

Loving the app and extensions but just want to confirm that the wallpapers are only for the home screen? It doesn't change my lock screen image which I would like it to do. Looked all over for the option and can't seem to find one. Can someone confirm? Thanks.