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The Android Central Team

Phil Nickinson, editor in chief

Phil Nickinson

Phil has served as editor-in-chief of Android Central since 2009. In a previous life he spent more than a decade in the newsroom of a two-time Pulitzer finalist newspaper in his hometown of Pensacola, Fla. In his current life, he's got the greatest job in the world, a gorgeous wife and two beautiful daughters. You can find him on Google+, Twitter and Instagram.


Jerry Hildenbrand, Cowboy, United States

Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry Hildenbrand has been an avid Android fan since its public release in late 2008 and has spent the last few years writing about it at Android Central.  He's all about open-source and responsibility, on both sides of any issue. If you were to check his pockets, you would find a Moto X. Look for him on Google+ here, email him at, or check out all his posts on

Chris Parsons (aka Bla1ze), writer, Canada

Chris Parsons

Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Chris is fluent in all mobile languages. Having been a member of the Smartphone Experts community now for nearly three years, you can often find him here on Android Central or at CrackBerry. You may also follow his random outbursts on Twitter (@bla1ze). If you find Chris wondering around your local neighborhood, please point him towards the nearest electrical outlet and toss him a can of Full Throttle energy drink. You can read all of Chris' posts here. He's also on Google+.

Alex Dobie, Europe editor, United Kingdom

Android Central

As our resident Brit, Alex cooks up steaming bowls of European coverage for Android Central on a daily basis. A reformed iPhone user, he now dual-wields a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S3 alongside whatever he happens to be testing this week. Fuelled by caffeine, a love of tech and a mortal fear of natural light, Alex operates our European desk from a dungeon somewhere in Manchester, England. Find all of his posts here, and offer him dubious pharmaceutical products at He's also on Google+ and the Twitters.

Simon Sage, apps editor

Simon Sage

Beyond ruling the skies with vertical authority from his frozen Canadian stronghold, Simon spends way too much time playing with his phone. Usually it involves a game of some kind, but Simon is constantly exploring all sorts of ridiculously awesome new things mobile technology can do. For years, he has extensively covered Android, BlackBerry, iOS, and everything in between. You can expect his coverage to be critical, but level-headed.

Find all of Simon's posts here, and you can e-mail him at He's also on Google+ and on Twitter.

Anndrew Vacca, contributing writer

Anndrew Vacca

Anndrew is a 23-year-old writer living in New York City and working full time in the nonprofit sector. A recent graduate of Fordham University, Anndrew has his degree in Journalism-concentrated Communications, with a minor in Spanish Language and Literature. His first Android device was a Droid Incredible, and since then he's gone through an obscene number of phones before most recently settling on an HTC Thunderbolt. In April 2011 he began at Android Central when he decided it was time to merge his interests in writing and shiny new technology. In his spare time he can be found trying (unsuccessfully) to stay out of trouble and refusing to explain why there's a typo in his name. You can find all of Anndrew's posts here.

Richard Devine, writer, United Kingdom

Android Central

Working out of Lincoln, England, and fuelled by Starbucks Coffee, Richard joined up with the UK branch of Android Central in 2011. A previous Windows Mobile, iPhone and BlackBerry user, Richard tried Android this one time, at Band Camp, and felt right at home from day one. The current weapons of choice are a Galaxy Nexus and a Nexus 7... and a race car. When not playing with Android devices, Richard is also a motorsport fanatic who now holds a race license. So don't stand too close to the track. Catch Richard on Google+, the Twitters and all his posts can be found here.

Andrew Martonik, editor, United States

Andrew Martonik

Andrew Martonik has been tinkering with computers, PDAs (remember those?), gadgets and phones his whole life. Living in Seattle, Andrew enjoys his Starbucks coffee and Sounders FC soccer games as much as anything else. As for devices, it’s a safe bet there’s a Nexus in his pocket and several more within reach. You can follow him on Twitter, Google+ and find all of his posts right here.