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We kind of didn't even want to draw any attention to this app, this $4.99 waste of time, but figured in the interest of public service ... So there's "4G LTE Upgrade" app that popped up in the Android Market today, just after Verizon announced its 4G data (and not smartphone data) will be flipped on come Sunday. The app promises you can get 4G early, which of course, you can't.  It also says to wait a day or two if it doesn't work at first. And you'll keep waiting.

So go ahead and drop $5 on it if you really, really, really want a 4G icon in your notification bar. Or, do what I did and buy it, refund it and mark the SOB as malicious. Download links are NOT after the break.

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cesarb says:

Lmao!!!! "Download links are not after the break"

tecknical says:

But it's rated at 5 stars. Must be good right?

Tifoso says:

But wait, he has 2 more update Apps for $1. 99 and $0. 99. Hmm, decisions, decisions.

Shay D. Life says:

The key component..."wait a day or two if it doesn't work" Yeah, this way you're way too late to get your refund. Classic.

jxcgunrunna says:

You can really fuck with the dev by contacting you credit card/bank and telling them that it was unrightfully charged. They will get the money from the dev and it looks bad on them.

rew001 says:

I'm all for the "openness" of the Android Market, but how does stuff like this even get on there? It's an app, that 100% doesn't do what it says it does.

silverfang77 says:

Who could possibly be stupid enough to fall for something like that?

dallen13 says:

I think there are a lot of people (the kind of people who aren't looking at Android Central) who are getting into Android with entry level phones and could be confused. I feel bad for them.

kcinkiller1 says:

I feel bad for the people that got it and will wait a day or two...just to find out that it doesn't work, too late for there refund... common sense people.

jackmusick says:

And people wonder why the App Store works the way it does. I can't imagine how many support calls you save by having a closed environment like Apple does.

tommyboy148 says:

I think it's worth the $5 just in case. Downloading now

aznmode says:

This kind of app is why some new android phone users will leave a bad tasting android in their mouth. They won't know any better.

Wesley1 says:

Not as bad as those iPhone apps that stole peoples' money without them knowing.

jtwebfusion says:

When my brother in law bought his droid, the sales rep told him that it was compatible with 4g. Lol

09lexus says:

i marked it as innapropriate and reqested google remove it cause its a scam and also said they should remove the developer from the market

dallen13 says:

uh oh, Phil's pissed!

dreedy01 says:

Anyone who is stupid enough to believe that this app would even give them 4G on their phone deserves to lose their $5. I truly can not believe there are people out there that are that brain dead!

gatorlee says:

Same dev has an app that will get that nigerian prince safely to america. 1.99 of course

ShaneOryan says:

everybody mark this app as malicious or else people who don't know any better are gonna be scammed

It appears Google has responded, the app is no longer appearing in the Marketplace.

icebike says:

Yikes. AC carries a big stick these days, No?

Have a Beer, Phil, job well done.

mike340t says:

The sad part is that there must be an abundance of idiots and morons for someone to make such an app. Search LTE and you will find more apps lol...

Jaredshoes says:

thats sad thats the only thing i wish google would fix theres one app that if u download and accept the agreements iitll send u spam texts and will charge u 10 dollars a month for nothing it sucks google needs to bring down its hammer of justice i know they have one.......

Clow says:

Go to iphone. To get away from shit like this

Hand_O_Death says:

Agreed. Morons that buy things like this need a locked down phone that holds their hand at every turn and spanks their bottoms for their mistakes.

And the rest of us with half a brain or more can stay with Android and enjoy the platform.

mike340t says:

so basically you are stating that the Iphone is for dimwitted people who are also totally incapable of making their own decisions. It so so insanely easy to tell it's a fake app. Bottom line is you can't fix stupid, you can only cover it up with an Iwhatever...

zakth says:

This is almost as bad as the "AVG Antivirus" app which has nothing to do with GriSoft, the makers of AVG. Honestly, are people really worried about getting a virus on a linux-based phone?

groovin says:

The fact that its 'Linux-based' does not magically protect it from viruses. Viruses are malicious programs written by e-vandals/theives. The people who create the viruses tend to go after the big fish, so as android gains popularity it will be victimized more and more.

XXXdc5 says:

I exercised the he!! out of the Android central stick of wrath. Downloaded,rated 1, refunded, marked as malicious, then reported it as being offensive

I don't have enough middle fingers for that dev.

cpagan2000 says:

This is exactly the reason why Apple has restrictions on the devs on the app store Google should learn from this.

amc06003 says:

Kinda funny...

tommyboy148 says:

It still isn't working but my phone does say LTE 4G on the notification bar so it must be trying to connect

ScubaNitrox says:

I want 4G on my old rotary house phone. Can this app do this too? Maybe if I buy their $1,000,000 app! LOL