Nexus 7

Imported U.S. model with UK adapter

We're expecting a couple more Nexus devices to land before the week's out, but if you're in the market for a 2013 Nexus 7 — still one of the best small tablets out there — here's a deal worth taking a look at. UK merchant Pixel Electronics on is selling the 32GB Wifi-only Nexus 7 for a mere £179.99 — £59 less than the Google Play Store price.

The devices being sold are U.S. models with UK adapters, which explains the unusually low price. The American model will work just fine in the UK, of course, so all you're missing out on is an official UK wall charger. The reduced price is part of a sale lasting for the next eight days.


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olues says:


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gumpty says:

Hmmm... I wonder how much import duty or VAT these guys are paying the HMRC?

Local store was selling same model for $279 Australian last Saturday, so I had to get one at that price.

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kalo88 says:

Which just goes to show much we get ripped off in the UK, I hate when Americans moan at the cost of stuff when we pay so much more.

From reading online however the warranty isn't an 'international one' so you need a US address for them to mail it back to etc. I'd probably pay the extra for less hassle.

bold1193 says:

This is the first time in who knows how long that android central mentioned anything about the new nexus possibly coming out.

Alex Dobie says:

Phil mentioned it in his column on Sunday, and we talked about it at length on the podcast on Friday.

NoNexus says:

Those don't count, you have to mention it in every article, every comment, and every podcast or the fanbois will forget that you mentioned it at all

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bold1193 says:

:-) exactly!

I just tried to post this on hot UK deals. They deleted it due to low seller feedback. Be warned

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masterpfa says:

Great find Alex

Makes a great device, just that bit more attractive

Ive just told my dad about this, great deal, but what i want to know is...... WHERE DO I FIND THAT WALLPAPER!!!

derfo says:

Will a US LTE variant work here in UK? I am guessing the LTE bands are different?

Taz89 says:

is this site safe and legit

JLeckey says:

No longer £180 :'(