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We've already seen a teaser for Motorola's Xoom tablet Super Bowl commercial, and now here's a 15-second clip of the commercial itself. Just a few days until we see the whole thing!


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15 seconds of Motorola's Xoom tablet Super Bowl commercial


Clever. Can already tell where they're going with this.

Edit: Oh. I hadn't seen the original teaser.

Indeed. Some of you might not know that Apple had their own "1984" big brother commercial a long time ago when they were trying to show how free and innovative they were compared to the competition.

I think it is a wonderful touch of irony that Motorola is turning that around on them and saying that Apple really isn't all that innovative, and people buying their products are conformity drones.

1984 huh??? Is this guy Winston ? Is Apple Big Brother? Is the dark hair girl Julia? Aww my 2 minutes of hate is over! Somebody pass me some Victory Gin, I need a drink.

I see Motorola also knows about the think it should been funnier if it was a bunch of sheep dressed in white with white

So, girl at the end, white ipod headphones? I say yes.

I kinda like the whole 1984 thing coming back to bite Apple in the ass.

That is pure awesome, and it's not even the whole commercial.

Talk about apple being in the opposite position of where they were in the 80's...

I'm liking the look so far, maybe at the end there will be room filled with white headphone wearing people staring blankly at a screen with Steve Jobs on it, and then you know the rest. Can't wait to see the whole thing.

I guess I feel differently about this commercial. Such focus on Apple, 1984, ipods, etc. screams "little brother syndrome". The Xoom is a great device. The commercial should talk about the device rather than try to bash apple.

Look, if the Xoom and other Android tablets want to become mainstream, they need to appeal to the masses and not just to tech geeks who remember a decades old Apple commercial. If I asked my wife, children, or the people in my neighborhood about the 1984 commercial, I'm almost certain nobody would have any idea what I am talking about.

But when those same people see an ipad commercial with the piano playing in the background with various app demos, the people say, "hey, that's cool".

This commercial will fail for everyone except Apple haters.

For those who weren't around to see it.. Apple aired a super bowl commercial a while back that referenced 1984 by George Orwell [the book that is being read on the tablet]. So, props to Motorola for another subtle throwback to Apple.

Apple "1984" Superbowl commercial on YouTube: