Right-angle plug is on the wrong end.

With more Type-C Android phones being released all the time, a lot of folks will be stocking up on spare cables. This last month, ZUS has been making a lot of noise about a new unique series of cables, with a successful Indiegogo having concluded on Monday. Their cable is reinforced and protected with Kevlar, but that's not the only thing that made it stand out to me.

A right-angle cable, but arguably angled on the wrong end.

Oh, no, what stood out in my mind were more ordinary but just as valuable features. Upon seeing the ZUS cable's pitch, one of the first features you notice is that it's a cable with a right angle plug. As someone who spends a lot of time plugged in, especially in tight places, that made my ears perk up… right up until I saw the picture.

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The right angle's on the wrong end.

Don't get me wrong, the right angle on the USB-A side is useful and I'm very appreciative of it. But what I was hoping for was a right-angle USB-C plug so that I could charge a phone right-side up in one of the my mug stands, or in my LD West holster without leaving the magnetic strap undone.

Straight out on one, right angled on the other

Now that we're starting the transition to USB-C a reversible plug, right-angle plugs make more sense. Hopefully a later model, or another vendor, takes this final step towards a cable that'll be a little less awkward while charging in your pocket walking or on a long vacation day with your family.

Good for charging in the car.

Another standout about the ZUS: in a world overrun with 3-foot cables, the ZUS measures 4 foot. In their literature, they talk about this being the perfect length for the car (I do wish I'd sprung for one of the angled car chargers they're selling). More importantly, it's better for just about all of my desk charging, bedroom charging, and wherever the hell else I end up charging.

In fact, the only time 4 foot has been too much was when charging off a battery pack. While that right-angle meant I could easily slip the battery into one of my larger pockets without a cable sticking up and stabbing me in the pelvis, I also had enough spare cord to run around my hips as a belt. (Your mileage may vary there.)

ZUS boasts of a car-proof, cat-proof cable.

And while most all of my other charging cables are neatly wound and stored safely in a pouch or pocket of my field bag, the ZUS cable I just leave loose in the main compartment with my laptop, because KEVLAR. The claim to fame here might be running over the cable with a car or letting your cat chew on it, but all I need is a cable I'm not too worried about kinking while it's thrown around by me, my bags, and my chaotic life. The ZUS can certainly handle that. (The real test will be how it holds up after a few months — or years.)

It's a well-made, durable cable.ZUS cable

If you're still light on USB-C cables, there are certainly cheaper ones out there, but between the durability, length, and that right-angle plug, you could do a lot worse than the ZUS charging cable. And given the timeline on the Indiegogo page (shipping July 1st), at least this campaign doesn't look to take two years like some other charger projects I've backed.

And yes, it's Benson Leung-approved.

See ZUS Cable on Indiegogo