The ZTE Axon M is a specimen not seen in the world of the smartphone in some time: it's a clamshell. No, not a flip-top communicator of the Starfleet variety, but a side-folding design previously reserved for fancy wallets, pocket maps, and "little black books." Some, like MrMobile's esteemed thumbnail designer, might go so far as to call the ZTE Axon M a "folding phone." But MrMobile himself would never be so bold.

For real though: in a sea of single-sided slabs, ZTE's Axon M is a legitimately interesting design. Featuring two 5.2" displays bonded by a solid-feeling hinge and a thick aluminum midplate, the Axon M has the kind of heft that makes you take a smartphone seriously ... and the double-wide screen real estate that'll conjure memories of Best Buy's big-TV section. But for all its interesting points, the Axon M isn't what you'd call unique; it's a design we've seen before, on a phone that sold about as poorly as a phone can sell. Will this time be different? Tune in for MrMobile's first look, and stay tuned to the YouTube Channel for the Axon M review, coming soon!

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