Zoodles for Android brings kid-friendly mobile Flash gaming

All you Android-toting parents out there will be pleased to know that Zoodles Kid Mode is now available for Android. Zoodles is a program that puts your phone into a "kid mode" for peace of mind while your child uses your phone or PC. Once you load up the app, the phone is soft-locked into the app so that it takes a little more than a random keypress to get out of the app. It won't stop your child from exiting the app if they really want to, but with plenty of Flash games and videos that can be customized as favorites for each of your children, there's no reason for your little one to want to. The app gives spoken as well as visual directions, and is easy to navigate, so this is a perfect companion for your child while waiting at the doctor's office or while on a long car trip. It's available in the Market now, so be sure to check this one out. Presser after the break.

Free Zoodles App Puts Android Phones Into “Kid Mode” 

Young Kids Enter a World of Fun, Educational Games and Videos while their Parent’s Device is Protected

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California – Zoodles, the company that puts devices into “Kid Mode” so kids eight and under can play and learn independently, today launched its free app for Android smartphones. Within the Zoodles Kid Mode app for Android, kids get hundreds of educational games, videos and puzzles to choose from, all for free. At the same time, Zoodles protects a parent’s phone by safely locking the child into the app, so they cannot accidentally make calls, erase emails, or get into other apps. Because kids have hundreds of activities to choose from, they never get bored.

Zoodles has been conducting private beta testing of the app and has received positive reviews from early users. Samantha, a real mom and early tester of Zoodles Kid Mode wrote in her review, “My three and a half year old LOVES this app! He's always asking for my phone since I downloaded this! It’s awesome! It’s so easy for a child to navigate!”

Like its award-winning computer app, Zoodles’ mobile app intelligently adapts content to each child based on age, skills, the device they are using, and custom parental controls so they can play without needing help from an adult. For example, if a child is not yet able to read, Zoodles will only present content where no reading is required. All games for each age – 1 to 8 – have been played start-to-finish and approved by Zoodles’ team of education experts. 

“With the massive adoption of Android smartphones, parents everywhere want to safely hand over their phones during those moments when a child needs to be entertained,” said Mark Williamson, CEO and co-founder of Zoodles. “Kids have played more than one million hours on the computer with Zoodles, and we’re thrilled to extend that momentum to the mobile environment, where parents often need help most. Because the latest Android phones run Flash – the leading format for the vast majority of kids games on the web – we’re able to pull hundreds of the best educational games into one free app. It’s something nobody else is doing.”

How Zoodles for Android Works

Zoodles for Android allows users to create an account, or log in using an existing account. No additional set-up is required on the parent’s part. Once the app is launched, a child logs in by tapping their picture (no reading required), and selects from a scrolling menu of activities. 

Zoodles automatically recognizes the Android device and presents the right content for that phone. For example, Android users with Flash installed will have access to games built in Flash, plus videos and more. For those without Flash, Zoodles will offer fun, educational videos and other non-Flash content.

For families who have an existing Zoodles account, any Parent Dashboard (a premium service) settings will transfer automatically to the mobile browser upon the initial log in. For example, if a parent has blocked certain branded characters or promoted an educational subject like math or reading, those settings will follow the family’s mobile account. A child’s activity in Zoodles for Android will be reflected in the weekly progress report. Zoodles apps are always free to download, and for families who would like to try Zoodles Premium services, a free 14 day trial is available at www.zoodles.com

Ali Fazel