Subtle advertisements and in-app purchases will make up the revenue gap

It's clear to most that Limbic has a hit on its hands in the original Zombie Gunship release, and now that hit game is going free-to-play for those who prefer a different gaming model. Even though the original demands just a $0.99 payment to get playiing, some folks want to have no investment to get started, and Zombie Gunship Zero follows in the footsteps of its TowerMadness Zero in being a free option.

As common wisdom says, "there's no free lunch," and Zombie Gunship Zero makes up the revenue gap by including "basic interstitial advertising" and in-app purchases that can speed up gameplay. Going free-to-play is all about the balance of keeping the integrity of the game solid while also dropping the barrier to entry for those who would prefer it, and we hope Zombie Gunship Zero strikes the proper balance. If all else fails, there's still the paid version.

The game has just gone live in the Play Store at the link above, so head there and get your zombie killing on.