If you signed up for the Z Launcher pre-beta and have been making use of it, you'll want to make sure you get the latest release available. As noted on the Z Launcher blog, a new update is available right now and it aims to fix a lot of issues folks were running into while putting it through its paces and is mostly based off of user feedback and suggestions? So, what exactly is new? Glad you asked. We have the full list.

Here's what's new:

  • Configure Favorites via drag-n-drop on your home screen - #2 requested feature on user forum.
  • Hide apps, Uninstall apps via press-n-hold: A quick way to get rid of stuff you don't want - #3 top requested feature on user forum.
  • Better support on HTC One and Moto X - We continue to work on adding support for popular devices.
  • Wi-Fi SSID incorporated into our algorithm - Aimed at improving the algorithm's ability to recognize and promote apps used on specific networks.
  • Data Insight - Explore how you use your phone, what apps and contacts you access and when. If people like this feature, we'll develop it further, but for now we kept it simple.
  • Bug fixes here and there - We've worked hard to make Z Launcher more reliable.

In addition to the update, the Z Launcher blog also notes they've opened up more pre-beta signups, kinda. Capacity for the pre-beta filled up quick but now that more spots are open, if you were one of the people who previously requested to join after capacity was reached, you can now download and start using Z Launcher.

If you signed up earlier and If you signed up earlier for Z Launcher and were not able to start using the app, you can now validate your email account and if it comes back as being part of the trial, you can go through the process of downloading and installing Z Launcher. Not even sure what Z Launcher is? Well, check out our hands-on then to get a better look at it.

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