YouTube Space Mumbai lets content creators from India produce the next big hit

Google has opened its first YouTube Space in India. The eighth such production hub to be inaugurated by the search giant globally, YouTube Space Mumbai offers content creators in the country access to a studio facility, providing courses, workshops and collaborations.

Google has partnered with local film school Whistling Woods International over the studio, which is nestled within the school's campus. From Google:

YouTube's new home for creators in Mumbai is a 1400 square foot space within WWI's sprawling production complex, which includes a 400 square foot studio, a lounge and workshop space for creators to relax and socialize in, and an edit bay with two machines that are capable of 4K editing.There will also be a small office for our staff on campus, to interact not only with YouTube creators, but with the students at Whistling Woods. In addition, YouTube creators will have access to Whistling Woods' sound stages and post-production facilities, including two fully-equipped professional studios over 3000 square feet each.

The first production of the studio was highlighted by YouTube, which is a mashup of a song that's instantly recognizable... and Billie Jean:

Source: Google India

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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