What you need to know

  • YouTube Originals content released after September 24 will be available to non-YouTube Premium subscribers.
  • Premium members will have early access to shows, along with bonus footage.
  • Google first announced this shift back in May.

This past May, YouTube announced a big shift for its YouTube Originals content by saying it would soon be made available for free for everyone in an ad-supported fashion. Now, we have more details on exactly how this will work.

Per a statement sent out by the YouTube team:

New YouTube Originals series, movies, and live events released after September 24, 2019 will be made available to non-members to watch for free, with ads. For series, members will get immediate access to every episode of a new season, while non-members will have to wait for each new episode to be released.

It appears that YouTube Originals content released prior to that September 24 date will remain exclusive to Premium subscribers, but going forward, it'll be fair game for everyone.

While that does slightly water-down the perks of being a YouTube Premium subscriber, it's also noted that paying customers will gain access to additional footage that won't be available for free users.

In most cases, where available, Director's cuts and bonus footage for YouTube Originals movies and live events will be exclusive to members like you, as well.

As someone that pays for YouTube Premium and has never tuned into a single YouTube Originals show, I honestly couldn't care less about this shift. YouTube Premium as a whole is still a tremendous value, and for people that can't afford the subscription, they'll soon be gaining access to even more content without having to pay a dime.

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All of YouTube Premium's other features, such as ad-free videos, offline playback, and access to YouTube Music Premium, is all remaining the same and still costs the usual $11.99/month.

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