You might dislike this change that YouTube is making on its platform

YouTube Like Dislike
YouTube Like Dislike (Image credit: YouTube)

What you need to know

  • YouTube is hiding the dislike count from the site.
  • The move was introduced to help stop abuse of the feature.
  • Users should start noticing the change today as it gradually rolls out for users.

YouTube announced on Wednesday that it will begin hiding the dislike count on videos. This was done in response to some users of the service abusing the feature.

In general, viewers have used the dislike button to help gauge the quality of content on a particular video, and creators use it to assess their own content and work out how they can improve. However, there has been a trend of some using it for less-than-helpful purposes.

Some will dislike a video simply because they don't like the author, while others will conduct dislike attacks just to drive up the count for no particular reason. The latter move, in particular, can harm creators, and YouTube experimented earlier this year with hiding the dislike count to avoid this.

With the experiment, YouTube saw a reduction in coordinated dislike attacks on channels, which led to today's decision to hide the count from viewers.

The dislike button will still be visible across the platform and on the best Android phones and will continue to be used to help YouTube tune personal recommendations. Creators will also still be able to view their own dislike count by navigating to YouTube Studio, where they can find their other video metrics.

We want to create an inclusive and respectful environment where creators have the opportunity to succeed and feel safe to express themselves. This is just one of many steps we are taking to continue to protect creators from harassment. Our work is not done, and we'll continue to invest here.

YouTube notes that the change will gradually arrive for users starting today.

Matt Coval, YouTube's creator liaison, does joke that its reasoning behind the change has nothing to do with the canceled YouTube Rewind getting a lot of dislikes.

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  • Terrible idea by Google. Some creators surely need to STOP making content. If you are gonna take away the count for dislikes, do the same for likes.
  • Absolute rubbish. They do that only to help the woke left wing trash they do their best to peddle.
  • Sure, bud. I hope someday you don't pattern your entire identity around something that actually doesn't exist, such as "cancel culture" or using over-used right wing buzzwords that no one buys into. You might be happier.
  • You're exactly correct! Thank you so much for this observation. The Woketard Left, which controls Google entirely, has lost control of the narrative, and this is LITERALLY a micro way of trying to retake control of the narrative. Time to use Rumble and Bitchute I guess. They're getting better every day. And no censorship. I've got literally hundreds of before and after screenshots of political comments of mine that the Woke censors of YouTube have illegally deleted because they don't agree with my conservative political views. Eventually, I hope to provide the screenshots for legal evidence to help a massive class action lawsuit against Google.
  • Americans, with their namecalling and their made-up buzzwords...
  • This is insane. Protect everyone's feelings. If you can't take criticism or praise then don't create content If that's the case then take away the like count as well.
  • So, why not hide both, then? There are just as many who will perform "like mobs" or whatever you want to call them, to artificially inflate their like counts.
  • Eh...moving away from YT anyway. You should too.
  • Yep, Bitchute and Rumble here I come!
  • Inspired by our wonderful administration and the immense amount of love from the over 81 million people who voted for it!!! LMFAO
  • They just don't want the public to see how many thumbs down that Brandon gets.
  • Precisely, Brandon is the world's most meme worthy and famous squatter in someone else's house, in the world. But YouTube doesn't want him mentioned. I'm a big supporter of LGBFJB Rights. We need to organize a big LGBFJB Pride Parade! 😂👌
  • Ahhhh, You Tube... helping freedom of speech and expression right along into oblivion! Ironically they may also be planting the seeds for their own destruction. At the moment it seems unlikely, but times, they do change... PS If one's mental health is predicated on the "likes" and "dislikes" ratio in a video... then perhaps that speaks to a much deeper problem one might have and need to seek help for.