You'll soon be able to register for Nintendo's first smartphone app, Miitomo

Nintendo will be launching its first ever smartphone app this year called Miitomo. Arriving in March, this title will be available in the U.S. on Android (as well as iOS-powered hardware). The company will open up pre-registration on February 17, meaning you'll have ample time to sign-up for a Nintendo Account to stay in the loop. Once registered with Nintendo, the company will notify you about availability come March.

But what is Miitomo all about? As is hinted by the name of the app, it's a social experience that makes full use of Nintendo Mii characters, and was first released on the Wii console. Miitomo allows users to communicate with friends and family, share photos, and more. It's an interesting choice of app to initially launch with, given by how many communication apps there are already available.

Alongside Miitomo, My Nintendo will also be launched as a comprehensive rewards service. By simply using Nintendo products and services, you'll be rewarded with ways to further enhance your experience. As noted already, Miitomo will launch in March, with plans to have a total of five apps released by March 2017. We'll be sure to update you all once Miitomo is available.

Source: Nintendo

Rich Edmonds