Lego ROMIt's no secret that I'm really digging what LG has done with the Optimus One series phones, and Sprint's Optimus S is no exception.  High performance Android phones for the budget-minded consumer is the right way to do Android.

Take that great little phone, add in three ambitious ROM developers, and one of the best ideas to hit custom ROM development ever, and you have the Lego ROM. 

Usually when you flash a custom ROM, you have to search out the extra tweaks, kernels, small edits and theme you want, then hope that they all play nicely together so you don't have to fool with it.  Not so with the Lego ROM.  These fellas have built the Lego ROM as a modular process, allowing you to choose your tweaks and theme up front, making the process pretty pain-free.  It's also a great custom ROM in it's own right, check the feature list after the break, and hit the forums to check it outThanks Beezy, KSmith, and Nick7 for the hard work!

Lego ROM changelog:

  • Deodexed
  • Zipaligned
  • Zipalign on boot
  • PNG optimized
  • Superuser
  • Busybox
  • Minimum Memory adjusted for performance/battery
  • VM adjusted for battery
  • Boot sound muted
  • Easter Egg ringtone added
  • Sprintzone moved to data/app for removal
  • Sprint ID deleted
  • Protips deleted
  • LGSetupWizard deleted
  • Uses AOSP setup wizard
  • Email has EAS bypass
  • AppWidgetPicker included
  • VVM is updated
  • Gmail is updated
  • Vending is updated
  • Voicesearch is updated
  • Maps is updated
  • Custom notifications for - Gmail, Email, Gtalk, Market updates, SMS/MMS, Calendar events, voicemail
  • Launcher is gingerbread launcher themed in froyo
  • Added bookmark for LEGO ROM Thread
  • Added bookmark for