Amazon Echo

CES 2016

Ford and Amazon are working together to add new features to the Amazon Echo connected speaker so its owners can control various features of Ford's cars that will have its new SYNC Connect technology. The partnership was announced today at CES 2016.

Ford said that in the future, owners of the Echo will be able to say things like, "Alexa, please start my car" to get the engine going on their Ford vehicle from inside their home. Other possible comments might include, "Alexa, ask my Ford for my scheduled car start time" or "Alexa, ask my Ford for my car's driving range."

Inside their car, owners could still connect with their voice to the Amazon Echo, asking it to open a garage door or turn on a porch light with connections to devices that are controlled by the Wink smart home platform. The announcement did not give a date for when these features will go live.

Source: Ford