You could win a Moto 360, you just have to Yo

Motorola is giving away a full twenty Moto 360 smartwatches, and they're doing it via the messaging app Yo. You remember Yo, right? The app that let you send your contacts a message that consists merely of Yo? Yeah, that's the one. And Motorola's using it to give away a score of the Android Wear-powered circular-screened Moto 360s.

Here's how it works: You send a Yo to MOTOROLA in the next 24 hours (deadline is 3:59 pm US eastern time), and if you're one of the winners, MOTOROLA will Yo you back. No, really, from the plainly-written but unintentionally hilarious official contest rules:

Entrants must Yo Motorola via the Yo app before 2:59 PM CT on August 28, 2014. Motorola will Yo back a link on August 28, 2014. Entrants must be one of the first 20 users to successfully complete the entry form to be eligible to win.

Half an hour after that deadline passes, Motorola will pick their 20 winners, ping them over Yo, and get the ball rolling on their price. Motorola's also more-or-less confirmed the $249 Moto 360 price by stating the same in the legally-required contest rules again.

So, if you want a shot at a free Moto 360, get to Yo-ing. Yo.

Source: Motorola