You can now change the look of any web page on Android with Vivaldi

Vivaldi Browser Page Actions
Vivaldi Browser Page Actions (Image credit: Vivaldi)

What you need to know

  • The latest version of Vivaldi browser on Android brings a new feature called Page Actions.
  • With Page Actions, you can customize the look of any web page.
  • The new Vivaldi v3.6 update also adds a built-in QR code scanner and an external Download Manager.

Popular Chromium-based browser Vivaldi is getting its first big update of 2021. The latest release of Vivaldi on Android adds a new feature called Page Actions, allowing users to tweak the appearance of any web page.

Vivaldi says the feature not only improves accessibility, but also makes web pages easier to read. The feature offers a wide range of options – including a grayscale filter, CSS Debugger, sepia color effect, and more. You can even apply multiple actions to a single tab to make a page look just like you want it to.

Vivaldi Browser Page Actions

Source: Vivaldi (Image credit: Source: Vivaldi)

Apart from Page Actions, the Vivaldi v3.6 update also brings a built-in QR code scanner. You can access this feature from the URL field, the search widget, or by long pressing on the app icon. In addition to regular QR codes, Vivaldi can handle non-URL QR and barcodes as well.

Vivaldi Browser Medium Sized Speed Dials

Source: Vivaldi (Image credit: Source: Vivaldi)

To further improve the experience of using Speed Dials in the browser, Vivaldi now offers medium-sized Speed Dials. Thanks to refreshed thumbnails, Large Speed Dials too look visually better than before. Speed Dials can even be sorted by title, address, nicknames, description, and date for easier access.

Vivaldi Browser External Download Manager

Source: Vivaldi (Image credit: Source: Vivaldi)

Another highly requested feature that is included in the latest release of the Vivaldi browser is support for an external download manager. You can now choose Chrome or Samsung Internet as your download manager and access options such as multithreaded downloading and queuing.

Babu Mohan
News Writer