Yahoo! Mail for Android requiring off-Market update [update -- Yahoo has fixed]

From the department of things that really suck: Yahoo! Mail for Android is prompting users to upgrade to version 1.2.0.  Normally we all love updates, but this time Yahoo is forcing users to download and install this update from outside the Android Market.  Users who fail to accept and install the update from are unable to use Yahoo! Mail on their phones or tablets.  We've reached out to Yahoo for a response, especially since AT&T users are out in the cold -- unless they use the Android Central Sideload Wonder Machine that is -- and if they respond we'll update accordingly.

We get it -- Yahoo and Google are competitors.  But this only serves to alienate your users, Yahoo.  Here's hoping you care enough about them to get this righted. Thanks Matthew for the heads-up!

Update from Yahoo! Mail for Android's Market page:

"IMPORTANT! A pre-release alpha version update was accidentally published on OCT 25th. If you downloaded this broken non-market version, please remove from your device and reinstall 1.0.4 from the Market"

So there you go, it was all a slip of the finger, err mouse.  Uninstall and reinstall from the Market and you're set.  I take back all those evil thoughts.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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