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Xperia X10 officially lands on Rogers

The long anticipated Xperia X10 looks like it has finally landed a home for itself on the Rogers network. This device, which we've got in-house (and had our hands on not only once, but twice now) doesn't seem to get more appealing the more you look at it. The Xperia X10 sadly will was released running Android 1.6, but have no fear, it is supposedly going to be joining the real world with Android 2.1. The device will also release with an updated Timescape, and Mediascape, which is a few of the features of the phone that are geared towards social networking. It appears as though you can snag one of these upon release for $149.99 and three years of your life, but don't worry, they are going to include a 16GB microSD for you! Check out more information about the device as well as pricing after the break. [Rogers Pre-order via Mobile Syrup]

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  • They've been up on Rogers' website for about a week now lol. If i didn't have to pay 549$ for the Nexus one (because i really don't have have enough monney for that right now) i probably would've chose the Nexus one over the X10, but i'm sure i'll still be happy with the X10 (my first android phone). Just a question tho, you guys made a hardware hands-on recently and said you'd "talk about the software later". When can we expect a software hands-on? I'd like to see it before i place a pre-order on it, because that free MW600 pre-order bonus is pretty temtping.