Xperia Play to see Minecraft before any other Android devices

Big news for both the Xperia Play and its game lineup today, as Mojang studios unveiled that its  mobile version of Minecraft for Android devices will be heading exclusively to the Xperia Play. There's no timetable for how long Minecraft will only be on the Xperia Play, but the fact it landed such a hit is definitely a boon for a phone that's been criticized as nothing more than a way to play old PSX games on-the-go.

The game will also be customized for the Xperia Play's controller, which leaves open how the game will be controlled when it does come to purely touchscreen devices. Mobile Minecrafters can also expect frequent updates, just like the desktop counterpart.

Does this excite anyone else as much as it does me? I was definitely searching for any Playstation games worth making the Xperia Play the phone for me, but Minecraft is something I can definitely sink my teeth into.

Anyone else? Fellow Minecrafters out there? We all know Minecraft is coming to Android, but does getting to play it first sweeten the Xperia Play in anyone's eyes? Let us know.

Source: Joystiq

Joshua Munoz