Xperia Play to see Minecraft before any other Android devices

Big news for both the Xperia Play and its game lineup today, as Mojang studios unveiled that its  mobile version of Minecraft for Android devices will be heading exclusively to the Xperia Play. There's no timetable for how long Minecraft will only be on the Xperia Play, but the fact it landed such a hit is definitely a boon for a phone that's been criticized as nothing more than a way to play old PSX games on-the-go.

The game will also be customized for the Xperia Play's controller, which leaves open how the game will be controlled when it does come to purely touchscreen devices. Mobile Minecrafters can also expect frequent updates, just like the desktop counterpart.

Does this excite anyone else as much as it does me? I was definitely searching for any Playstation games worth making the Xperia Play the phone for me, but Minecraft is something I can definitely sink my teeth into.

Anyone else? Fellow Minecrafters out there? We all know Minecraft is coming to Android, but does getting to play it first sweeten the Xperia Play in anyone's eyes? Let us know.

Source: Joystiq

Joshua Munoz
  • And cue drop in productivity ... wait for it ... NOW
  • Lol awesome, I've been kinda wanting an xperia play. Will wait to see how people react to it. Always wanted a Sony Ericsson phone on Verizon and now that I'm an android freak and SE is giving us a vanilla android device on VzW. Winning!
  • I'm honestly a little jealous of this phone just because of the game support!
  • I've been really wanting to wait for a dual-core 4G phone but Minecraft is enough to make that tempting...
  • I'm interested in the Play, but it's not a gotta have. On top of that.. VZW would have to offer free service to make me go back. Something about trying to claim a $800 cell phone bill, and not providing any of the proof to back it up, rubs me the wrong way.
  • Damn. Put it on my Xoom. Grrr
  • And cue the rants....wait for it.....OH MY GOD THERE ARE SO MANY
  • And cue the rants....wait for it.....OH MY GOD THERE ARE SO MANY
  • I wonder how they are gonna pull this off.... seeing as people with gaming desktops can't even run the game 100% smoothly all the time (either because of the bad lag compensation, or the game itself).
  • Minedroid has already shown handsets are capable of running it smoothly, in fact I installed that on my play a couple of weeks ago and wished it had support for the controls. I can't wait for official Minecraft!
  • With how fast smartphones turn over and are outdated I wonder what kind of support developers who aren't getting paid by Sony are going to give and for how long? I assume a very small fraction of people will own one of these simply because it is on limited carriers and honestly doesn't have top of the line specs for a phone any more in a vast sea of smartphones, it isn't even a 4G phone. It seems developers may not want to spend time on something so few people will likely have unless of course Sony pays them which will not likely happen. I am definitely envious of it but wish the control pad could be installed on something like the upcoming EVO 3D, Motorola Atrix or other phone with those kind of specs since at the end of the day it is a smartphone and you tied to it for a couple years.
  • As someone who has purchased Minecraft, I'm actually pissed off that the Mojang disrespects me like this...
  • Wait... You're pissed off because you bought a COMPUTER game, and now that they are doing more and putting it on a phone, you're pissed? They already said its going to be widely available, but they're doing it for this phone first.
    You're an idiot. Mojang and Notch are wonderful. They provide so many updates. Notch has already made tens of millions off this game before it even reached Beta, yet he is still continuing hard at work on it with updates and coming to a wider range of devices. I can't wait for this to come out. Now I need to get a bluetooth controller so I can play it on my xoom when Notch releases it for more devices. Or the android community puts it out for other devices.