The Xiaomi Mi Box is particularly enticing because it is dramatically less expensive than the competition, launching at just $70 — the same price as the new Chromecast Ultra. But unlike the Chromecast Ultra, the Mi Box offers a full Android TV experience with local storage for apps and content, as well as a Bluetooth remote control. But because it runs Android TV, it also works as a Google Cast target as well.

At just 101 mm square and 20 mm thick the Mi Box doesn't take up much room in your entertainment center, but offers a complete Android TV experience running on its 2GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. It connects to your TV over an included HDMI cable and offers a USB port for expandable storage.

The Mi Box certainly isn't the most powerful choice out there, and can come up short in terms of performance when displaying content at the advertised 4K resolution, but at this price it does offer more in terms of features and functionality than the identically priced Chromecast Ultra. And for some people, that's enough to choose the Mi Box over Google's streaming dongle.

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