Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra won't be available in India again after stock runs out

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra review
Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra review (Image credit: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra has been discontinued in India following a delayed release.
  • Xiaomi is apparently no longer restocking the phone in the country after its inventory has run out.
  • The next flagship phone to be sold in the country is expected to arrive in 2022.

Xiaomi has reportedly stopped selling the Mi 11 Ultra in India three months after it became available in the country. The company is apparently no longer replenishing its inventory after the phone has sold out.

According to India Today, the Mi 11 Ultra has been discontinued in the country after only a few months of being available to consumers. The device's product listing (opens in new tab) on Xiaomi's online store for Indian customers indicates that it is "out of stock."

The phone was released in the country back in July, three months after Xiaomi announced its availability to the Indian market. It was not clear back then what caused the delay, with Xiaomi only saying it was due to "circumstances beyond its control." So the phone's availability in India was obviously facing some issues from the start.

Xiaomi's challenger to the best Android phones was particularly well-priced in India, where it was available for only 69,999 ($960), which was significantly less than its price in other western markets. It is also Xiaomi's first flagship offering in India, where it previously only offered mid-range devices.

Despite the company's apparent decision not to restock the phone in India, it is expected that Xiaomi will continue to offer premium devices in the country. Xiaomi could also replace the Mi 11 Ultra with a new flagship device in India next year.

Furthermore, the Xiaomi 11T Pro is rumored to be coming to the Indian market soon. Based on its price (€649), it may not be a true flagship phone, but it certainly packs a punch with a stunning display and a powerful Snapdragon 888 SoC.

Xiaomi 11T Pro

Xiaomi 11T Pro

The Xiaomi 11T Pro ticks all the right boxes: it has cutting-edge internal hardware, 5G, a stunning 120Hz AMOLED panel, and a two-day battery life. The 120W fast charging also makes a significant difference, and Xiaomi will release three Android platform updates.

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  • It was available for sale once for about 3 days. That was that. Even the Mi store on Amazon.in doesn't show a product listing for the Mi 11 Ultra. What it could have been, the phone that could have got high value spenders in the country to take Mi seriously and change the conversation around it. I remember Harish Jonnalagadda from AC telling me this was the best Android phone on the Indian market (the S21 Ultra came with the Exynos chip and was underperforming for a price well over 1300 USD) but to have it sell once in a flash sale is underwhelming. To add fuel to the fire the Rog 5 Ultimate never came on sale in India and still reads as coming soon despite its launch well over 6 months ago. To add to this the Pixel 6 unavailability in the country because we are not a nation of priority to Google and OnePlus going the color OS way, suddenly premium Android phones seem bare and almost non-existent for someone seeking a premium experience at the 850+ USD value and a nice clean version of Android. India was the country where Android ruled the roost and as those users of cheap phones moved upwards socially they were prime market for premium Android phone makers, the opportunity seems lost and now we have been left to fend for ourselves by looking at options from Vivo and Realme. How do the large number of nexus4, 5 and 6P users feel about it I don't know but this is us being told to take our business to Apple in many ways. I am the last of my friends left with a non-apple device (all of us owned the Nexuses, the Moto Xs and so on in 2014-16). And they ask me if my commitment to Samsung, Android and other devices is worth it considering the pro Max is now suddenly in similar price territory despite the exorbitant taxes in India. Just wondering, please do let me know if you feel the same way too? Does a phone like a Xiaomi or a OnePlus or a Vivo seem like a step down to you too if you are looking for a new device in the premium/flagship Android phone space.
  • If someone pays flaghsip price then they don't want to compromise on anything and Apple is the only one remaining where you get an amazing all rounder phone. Samsung is close second but you get an Exynos chip in India and OnePlus has gotten way expensive and the even the non pro OnePlus is terrible in terms of camera which doesn't even have an OIS for that much price. Pixel isn't launching here and there's no other competetion in that segment. That's a reason why Apple even said they witnessed record increase in shipments here in India.
  • I agree Sobhan, well said... I am just wondering if we should ditch Android as the OS for a better phone...
  • Maybe they should blame it on Covid, like every other large business here in the UK!