Galaxy Buds LiveSource: Joe Maring / Android Central

Samsung's Galaxy Buds Live are already on a discounted sale from the company this Cyber Monday, but Woot has them on sale for even cheaper. You'll be able to pick up Samsung's latest true wireless earbuds from just $110, $20 cheaper than what Amazon will sell them to you for.

This deal is live till 12am CT, so if you want to get on Samsung's wild ride, you'll need to act fast.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Cropped

Get those beans: Galaxy Buds Live | $110 at Woot

The Galaxy Buds Live has a unique but comfortable fit, supports Qi wireless charging, and have long-lasting battery life. However, you'll need to have a Samsung phone to take full advantage of these earbuds.

$110 at Woot

The Buds Live are some of Samsung's coolest looking earbuds to date, you certainly won't confuse them for AirPods. When reviewing the Buds Live, aside from their oddly comfortable fit, Android Central's Joe Maring found that they sounded really good:

The fit and feel of an earbud is important, but a comfortable design means nothing if sound quality is bad. Samsung equipped the Buds Live with larger 12mm drivers compared to the Buds+, along with a dedicated bass duct for more powerful lows in your music. In plain talk, this means that the Galaxy Buds Live sound really good.

Whether I listened to alt-rock bangers like Hollywood Park, Spotify's excellent Jazz Vibes playlist, or unwinded with some classic Frank Sinatra, the Buds Live made everything sound just as I would hope. The soundstage is wide and vibrant; there isn't that flat feeling you get with some cheaper earbuds, and that bass duct really does allow for a noticeable oomph with certain tunes.

Seeing as most people take sound quality into consideration when purchasing earbuds, this new low price makes the Buds Live a pretty good deal.

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