Paint the rails in Windy Slider, a surprisingly fun racing game [Android Game of the Week]

Windy Slider
Windy Slider (Image credit: Jordan Palmer / Android Central)

For this week's Android Game of the week, I've chosen Windy Slider. Why? Well, have you ever see a game that stands out not for its graphics, story, or monetization, but rather its core mechanics? That's what happened to me with this simple game that I can't get enough of. Seriously, I've been playing this for hours and have been just enjoying the hell out of it.

From the moment I saw a gameplay preview, I knew it was going to be my Game of the Week, and here we are. I think every one of you should check out this game because not only is it good-natured fun, but also because it's 100% free with no ads or IAPs in sight. And I thought this game couldn't get any better.

Windy Slider

Windy Slider

Enjoy this wildly fun and simple game. Hold the screen to accelerate, release it to jump. Use your momentum to your advantage, but watch out for obstacles!

Imagine, if you will, taking the hilarious physics of Fall Guys and making a racing game out of it. At its core, Windy Slider is a racing game, sure, but I almost think it's a disservice to reduce this game to that simple genre moniker. No, it's much more than that.

I love this game, and I love it to the point where it's hard to even talk about it. All I can really muster is: go play Windy Slider, right now. You'll thank me later.

Alas, you're here for more information, and I'll happily oblige. The premise of Windy Slider is dead simple: hold the screen to accelerate, let go to jump. That's all there is to it. Now, you have the momentum to worry about, too, so you'll want to time your jumps and make your landings carefully. Too often, I've made a huge leap only to land on an incline and slide back down.

There are other obstacles, too, like rails above you, big spinners, and boxes that stop you flat. The way the camera is set up, you sometimes won't see these obstructions, and that's part of the fun. Sure, you're racing the AI, but the point is to have fun, laugh, and just enjoy yourself. Too often, we focus on games that have win/lose or pass/fail states, which is fine, but sometimes we need a game that just lets us lay back and play.

This game has a ton of potential, and I can see great possibilities for it.

The only true sense of progression with Windy Slider is earning new colors. As you travel along the rails of the track you're on, you'll leave behind a paint trail. It reminds me of Splatoon in some ways, but there's no gameplay effect from it, just aesthetics. You earn XP from completing races and accumulating points when you launch yourself across the finish line.

The fact that there are no ads or IAPs is startling. But if the developer is reading this, please let us donate to you via an in-app purchase. I want to see more. This game has a ton of potential, and I can see great possibilities for it.

Windy Slider is a new favorite of mine, and I hope you'll give it a chance. It's super simple to pick up, but addicting enough to keep you playing and earning new colors. After you've got your wind/umbrella-powered racing fix, be sure to check out our list of best Android games. And you can also read previous Games of the Week, too.

Jordan Palmer