windows version of doubletwist for android

Just as we reported they would, the folks at doubleTwist have updated their Windows application, and a good program just got better.  Here's the official announcement from their user forums:

Please give a warm welcome to Windows version, released late last night, 5.31.2010 goodies include:

* Upgrade back-end stuff in preparation for our soon to be released Android music player. weWt!!
* Android market for windows. go get those apps. Android App FAQ -->;m=8057&#post8057
* Support for the Sony X10
* Tons 'o miscellaneous bug fixes.

Enjoy --

We all love bugfixes, and support for new devices is always nice.  But there are two things here that look really interesting - the "soon to be released" music player, and the ability to search the Android Market from within the program.  Search out an app and once it's loaded in doubleTwist's browser (note -- you'll have to have Chrome or Safari installed, support for other browsers is in the works, according to the developers) you can install via QR code with your trusty bar code scanner.  Of course, music and video transfer works as well as it ever did, and doubleTwist still offers excellent podcast subscription management.  It really is shaping up to be iTunes for Android, and it's something definitely worth looking into.

Check out the official doubleTwist FAQ here for answers to more questions, and to see what others have to say about doubleTwist. [doubleTwist]