dbrand custom Xperia Z2

We have a beautiful one of a kind custom Xperia Z2 that shows off the best of dbrand and some Android Central flair

Whether your device is dinged up and could benefit from a facelift or is brand new and you want some protection, dbrand likely has you covered with some stylish and practical full-device skins. Where dbrand's skins really shine is on specific devices that have lots of uniform surfaces — and there are few devices with more swaths of flatness than the Sony Xperia Z2.

The folks at dbrand already make several different styles and colors of skins, but in collaboration with them we have a pretty special device here to show off — a custom Android Central skinned Xperia Z2!

Style and function

dbrand custom Xperia Z2dbrand custom Xperia Z2

Made out of high-quality 3M vinyl, this textured carbon fiber woven design will add a bit of resilience to your device, especially when it covers up both sides of the phone like this one does. Dbrand went with a two-tone setup with black on the back and white on the front, which is particularly striking. You'll notice the nicely-sized white Lloyd on the back of this one though — the only one of its kind.

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If carbon fiber is a bit too out there for you, brand offers a variety of different textures — including metal, leather and even wood — and colors to fit your style. You can customize the back, sides and front of your phone to different styles, or go with a single color and texture all around.

Of course this Xperia Z2 is a perfect example of how to apply a dbrand skin with masterful precision — and the folks over at dbrand were nice enough to do this one for us for the perfect coverage of this phone. They even showed off a bit and gave the Xperia Z2's box a full carbon fiber wrap job (including the Android Central logo) to match the phone — this is one box you won't be throwing away after you take all of the "good stuff" out of it.

Now, let's give away this phone!

dbrand custom Xperia Z2

First, a quick note on which carriers this phone will work with. This is an unlocked GSM Xperia Z2, so it won't work on your CDMA carrier (looking at you, Verizon and Sprint). It also may not work on some GSM carriers using obscure bands. When in doubt, double check your carrier's bands against Sony's website.


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