Will Google Bring Chrome OS to Smartphones ?

Gizmodo is speculating that Google will eventually bring their new desktop OS, Chrome OS, to their current OS, Android's, space--smartphones. We can't argue with them either, Android and Chrome OS seem to be on a collision course that we'll definitely be hearing about more in the future.

Gizmodo bases their theory off the quotes from Google VP of Engineering Vic Gundotra's quotes at Mobilebeat 2009. He stated that web development will be the future for successful mobile platforms, and what do you know, the web is Chrome OS's moneymaker.

With Google's belief that the web/browser holds the key to mobile success, whatever OS that offers the best web/browser experience would likely be considered the leader of the pack. Whether that is Android or Chrome OS is too early to tell but it seems Google will be happy either way--more people on the web simply means more Google users which simply means more money in big Google's pockets.

We're hopeful that Chrome OS will stay away from smartphones but its good influence and innovation will find its way to Android. Yeah, we want to have our cake and eat it too. What do you guys think?

Casey Chan