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Wifi-only HTC Flyer gets UK price

British retailer PC World will sell the Wifi-only version of HTC's 7-inch Flyer tablet for £479.99, according to a newly-updated product page. This matches the current price for the Wifi-only Motorola Xoom in the UK, and is considerably cheaper than the 3G version of the Flyer, which is priced at £599.99.

HTC announced last week that the Flyer will launch across Europe on May 9. However, PC World is listing May 17 as the earliest delivery date available for both the Wifi-only and 3G versions of the tablet, so it looks like the UK release may lag slightly behind continental Europe. Check out our hands-on coverage of the Wifi-only Flyer from CTIA to find out more about the device. [PC World]

Alex Dobie
Alex Dobie

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • Why does the Flyer always appear to have weird, non-Euclidean geometry in pictures? It looks like those angles shouldn't exist.
  • I'm still hoping for htc to announce a 10" hc tablet at $499 and 7" gb at $399.
  • Doesn't it run 2.2 or 2.3? What's up with that?
  • $780??????
  • Yeah...thats an outrageous price! Its direct competition is starting $300 cheaper...
  • nice, anyone got a link to a video for a test of this device?
  • The only reason I would consider this over other tablets is the size and HTC scribe technology. The price hike from say ASUS Transformer or Iconia is ridiculous. No thanks HTC, try again.
  • What is it with the pricing of Android tablets? How on earth do the likes of Motorola and HTC think they are going to compete with the established iPad market by pricing them above Apple products? I'm really keen to replace my iPad with something that actually allows me to browse flash sites, but to break the fascination the world at large seems to have with the iPad, ndroid devices, at leats in the first instance, need to be both 'better' and 'cheaper'. And the Flyer pricing is way off base, especially as many will see the scribe technology as going back to the 'bad old days' of pressure-sensitive screens.
  • Unfortunately, this is going to be the case for the Android side of things. Apple can afford to take a lower amount on the hardware because they are making money off the software side of things as well (Apple Store, Advertising, etc). Android hardware manufactures only get money from the initial sales of their devices, so they have to charge more. It also doesn't hurt Apple that they are making some of the hardware in house (the A5 proc for one thing), so they can further reduce costs. The easiest way for Android manufactures to lower prices would be to include feature software (aka. bloatware) similar to the way Windows computer sales work. I personally would rather pay a little more to not have a bunch of useless apps taking up ROM space, but time will tell. As far as the scribe tech being a throwback to 'bad old days', I think that is a misconception. There are tons of arguments for the pros & cons of adding stylus input to the current tablets, so I wont' rehash them. I do think HTC is banking on this to be a niche that will set the flyer apart from other 7" tablets and they think it is something worth charging a premium for. If it is something that ends up paying off for them, they could then license the tech to other manufactures and open up another revenue stream. Personally, I would love to have the scribe tech on my Xoom, but I think HTC has over priced the functionality.
  • Why the heck aren't these appearing in the US???
  • thats 700 USD.
    I will not pay more than $450 for a 7 Inch tablet.
    The Eee Pad and Iconia A500 are cheaper then this and have way better specs!