Why do you use a Galaxy Note in 2020?

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with stylus
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with stylus (Image credit: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central)

When looking at the most popular smartphones on the market, Samsung's Galaxy Note series continues to be among the ranks. The intention of the lineup has changed over the years, but Samsung's big, expensive, and stylus-touting handsets continue to sell like hotcakes.

With so many phones to choose from, however, why the Galaxy Note? What about it makes it the phone to get? Recently in the AC forums, one member was asking for advice on why they should upgrade to the Note 20 when their last time having a Note was the Note 2. Here's what the community had to say:

Great device best ever I went with the regular note for the smaller size good luck with your new note.


I have the not 20 ultra and love it. I'm a long time Note user. I would suggest cking out "Jimmy is promo " you tube channel, as he has some good tips. I just joined the beta program and am now running Android 11 on 1ui 3.0.

Robert Sisson

Note 20 Ultra is light years ahead of the Note 2. You wouof be amazed. It's pricey yes. But it is awesome


Last Note I had was the 3, I jumped over to Apple and now I have the Note 20 Ultra and I really love it. It's smooth fast and easy. I love my battery life. Watch YouTube videos, there are plenty of reviews and how tos on the Ultra. Enjoy!


This got us to wondering — Why do you use a Galaxy Note in 2020?

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