Why do you use a Galaxy Note in 2020?

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with stylus
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with stylus (Image credit: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central)

When looking at the most popular smartphones on the market, Samsung's Galaxy Note series continues to be among the ranks. The intention of the lineup has changed over the years, but Samsung's big, expensive, and stylus-touting handsets continue to sell like hotcakes.

With so many phones to choose from, however, why the Galaxy Note? What about it makes it the phone to get? Recently in the AC forums, one member was asking for advice on why they should upgrade to the Note 20 when their last time having a Note was the Note 2. Here's what the community had to say:

Great device best ever I went with the regular note for the smaller size good luck with your new note.


I have the not 20 ultra and love it. I'm a long time Note user. I would suggest cking out "Jimmy is promo " you tube channel, as he has some good tips. I just joined the beta program and am now running Android 11 on 1ui 3.0.

Robert Sisson

Note 20 Ultra is light years ahead of the Note 2. You wouof be amazed. It's pricey yes. But it is awesome


Last Note I had was the 3, I jumped over to Apple and now I have the Note 20 Ultra and I really love it. It's smooth fast and easy. I love my battery life. Watch YouTube videos, there are plenty of reviews and how tos on the Ultra. Enjoy!


This got us to wondering — Why do you use a Galaxy Note in 2020?

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  • For my needs, the Note line of phones are the best for all the myriad features it comes with. I currently use the Note 10+ as my daily driver. It still have great battery life and 12GB of RAM is really an excess of power, but is future proof. But the real star for me is the S Pen. My previous phone was the Galaxy Note Edge, so the transition was painless. There are so many great phones now for a lot less money, but if given the choice, for me, I'll come back to the Note.
  • I'm a long time user of the Note phones. They have what I need for daily use, mostly work. I went to an S series for awhile but came back as soon as I could.
  • S-Pen as well & the main reason - I started with the first Note and have continued ever since, skipped perhaps a couple of generations - there is No issue with the Note-line - Dex has been great as well, I would like to see wireless between phone and computer
  • Why use the Note, when you can use the LG Stylo 6 at a fraction of the cost. The stylus works great on the LG phone, and unlike the Note line of phones, I can insert a micro SD card and expand my storage up to 2TB.
  • Because the stylo has a worse screen, worse camera, worse processor, worse battery life, longer charge times, the pen has more of a delay and less pressure sensitivity, it's smaller, has less ram, and for some reason has bezels and a camera cutout. Oh and my note 20 is reading my 2tb SD card just fine, so check your facts. But I get it, why go to a steakhouse when McDonald's is a fraction of the cost, right?
  • Best specs, great camera, SD Card (Ultra here), S-Pen, Long usable life.
    S-Pen is great for making sketches for mechanical designs on the fly.
    And even older Notes hold their trade-in value really well. My LG V40 barely qualified for AT&T's $1K off for $60 min Trade-in promo, at 2 yrs old. I know when the 30 months is up, the N20U is going to be worth more than most, if not all, phones of the same age. And at 30 months, it will still be a reasonably capable phone.
  • Two words....screen size. Yes the S20Ultra has the same size but it had so-so reviews. I use my phone for SOOO much, so why would I want a tiny screen to view that stuff on.
  • The Galaxy Note phone usually offers the best that Samsung has to offer-WITH THE S PEN. The S Pen is a joy to use. For me it still has the Z Fold series (which is expected to get the S Pen in the Z Fold 3) beat by a country mile. It's lighter, thinner, has a better display (to me), lacks the potential problems of the hinge and thus has a more "appealing" price than the Galaxy Z Fold series. Foldable phones only offer me a larger screen. They're thicker, heavier, have a less durable screen and too expensive when considered in the light of its cons. Adding the S Pen to the contents of the box of the Galaxy S21 Ultra(which is the latest rumor) would NOT be the same as having the S Pen encased in a Galaxy Note phone
  • All of the above comments apply. My Note 10+ does everything. I rarely need a laptop other than for work. Quite simply why change from the Note lineup?
  • Because I can. WTF kind of question is this?!.