Which Android phones are compatible with the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro?

Best answer: Any Android phone running Android OS 4.4 (KitKat) or later, with 1.5GB of RAM is compatible with the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro.

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Many modern Android phones can connect to Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

If you have any of the big-name phones, like any of Google's Pixels, every Samsung Galaxy S phone since the S3, LG's latest, and so on, it'll work with the Gear Fit2 Pro. All you need is a Bluetooth connection and the Gear app, which you can download from the Google Play Store (or the Galaxy Apps store on your Samsung device).

With that being said, features and models may vary by region and carrier.

If your phone doesn't support the Gear Fit2 Pro because of RAM or OS requirements, you simply won't be able to download the Gear app.

If, however, you have a newer phone, but it runs on Android Go, you won't be able to use the Gear Fit2 Pro, as these phones often have less than 1GB of RAM.

Other options

At this point, you should almost definitely be running an Android OS later than KitKat, but if you aren't or your phone has less than 1.5GB of RAM, then you may want to consider another tracker.

I recommend the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, which is inexpensive, waterproof to 50m, features a heart rate monitor, and costs less than $40. Plus, the app is relatively simple and should be able to run on just about any Android phone at this point.

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