Xperia X Performance

As the Sony Xperia X Performance isn't getting a full launch in the UK, your options for getting hold of one are relatively limited. None of the major UK networks are picking up Sony's higher-specced variant of the Xperia X, and you'll find it much easier to track down a regular X than the X Performance. Nevertheless, if you've gotta have that faster CPU and water resistance, here are your options right now.


Clove is stocking the Xperia X Performance in black only for £549 SIM-free.

See at Clove

Unlocked Mobiles

Unlocked Mobiles has the Xperia X Performance in black for £599, with next-day UK delivery if you order before 5pm.

See at Unlocked Mobiles

Amazon UK

Amazon UK has all four Xperia X Performance colors — rose gold, lime gold, black and white — for a whopping £599.99. Unlike the regular Xperia X, there are no contract deals available through Amazon UK, so you're limited to buying SIM-free.

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We'll continue to keep this page updated as more outlets offer the Xperia X Performance in the UK, so stay tuned!

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