Where to buy the Razer Kishi

Razer Kishi
Razer Kishi (Image credit: Russell Holly / Android Central)

Best answer: Most major storefronts quickly sold out, but we've found a couple sites where Razer is keeping the Kishi well stocked. We'll try to update with new stores as they become available, but your most reliable option is likely buying directly from Razer. You can also likely find them on Razer's eBay store and through Verizon.

Selling out fast

The Razer Kishi is an excellent USB-C mobile gaming controller that's compatible with most Android phones. Having a gaming controller on your phone limits input lag, allows you to use more traditional controls intsead of mobile ones, and the Kishi even has pass-through charging so you can charge your phone as you play.

However, since it launched on June 9, the Kishi has only been available on a few storefronts, and some of these quickly ran out of their stock.

It's unclear if Razer is eking out its stock due to low supply or because it wants more first-party sales, but you may have some trouble buying a Kishi with your store of choice. Amazon had some stock at launch but now says the Kishi is "currently unavailable", with no in-stock date listed. And other major tech sellers don't list the Kishi as of yet.

Instead, you can try the Razer store, the official Razer eBay store, or the Verizon store (Razer has made exclusive deals with Verizon in the past).

There is no difference in price or benefits between these storefront offers. You get a one-year limited warranty from Razer if you buy new from any storefront, so long as you save your e-mailed proof of purchase. If you can get it through Amazon you also get the benefit of Amazon Prime's free shipping. Otherwise, just get it where you can get it.

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